The Gateways of the Gods.



An Initial Hypothesis?


The reality is that there are sine wave apparent electromagnetic energy flows across the face of our planet that manifest a multitude of apparently non existent phenomena. The analysis of the data indicates this.But why and how do these phenomena only occur on these sine or energy waves and in particular patterns of time and place?


Throughout history there have been legends and mythologies of unusual and even bizarre residents and even visitors to this planet. From Hairy Hominoids to strange Lakemonsters, to falls of odd artifacts from the skies as well as even stranger luminous ones. To a zoologica of alien big cats and other strange creatures and Teachers from the planet Venus and the Pleiedes Constellation to lights blazing in the skies during earthquakes. To ear aches and sunburns during interactions with phenomena.What if there was one common theme to all of these happenings as well as many other supposedly unrelated and possibly even unrecognized phenomena?


 What if the basis of all of these events is based on celestial mechanics that are so finely tuned that where these events occur and will occur can be pinpointed down to only a few seconds of our time and over an area of only a few feet? That the nature of these mechanics is beyond our imaginings as it does indeed involve our imaginings, our nightmares and our personal cultural beliefs. These imaginings and beliefs are not the only things involved in this interraction with the unknown. The animals and objects seen are not just the results of cultural loadings and lots of imagination.


There is the question of why, where and when these phenomenal events occur that trigger these sensory responses. Are there actually Grey Aliens and Chupacubras? Are there great luminous flying ships as well as walking beer cans as has been alleged? Or are these events designed and indeed created to look that way by the observers themselves as a way of translating the unthinkable and unknown into familiar forms based on the observer’s own cultural and imaginary awareness? These converted and translated events are then safer and more recognizable and are even easier to classify by the observer into their own experience. The sightings are then safer for the witness to sensorily interact with. They have been deemed familiar. Or rubbish.


My view was that if these many and varied events were merely random imaginings and schizoid delusions then in real time and space relative to the surface of the Earth all of these thousands of reported anomalous events, all of them unrecognized by conventional science, should occur in a totally random placement in time as well as space. There should be no mathematical patterning to any of it unless it was to do with the phases of the Moon. After thirty-five years of research the exact opposite result was obtained!


The reported phenomena from all over the Earth’s surface over a one hundred and seventy-seven year period from 1800 AD to 1977 AD follow regular and cyclic periodicities very similar to the periodicities of the planets of our Solar System. One of the periodicity synchronizations was of 512 years and seeing that the other periodicities discovered were roughly synchronous with the periodicities of the major planets of our
solar system then this 512 year periodicity could indicate a planetary body at a distance of 512 Astronomical Units from the Sun, well inside the Oort Cloud which is the theoretical edge of our Solar System but beyond the planet Pluto.


Were these periodicities active on a physical as well as a temporal or time plane?


By plotting the positions of phenomenal events relative to time on a grid based on either latitude or longitude only relative to time revealed another surprise. The placing of the phenomenal events irrespective of what they were followed sine waves wriggling over the surface of the Earth. These were previously unknown energy waves traveling across the surface of the Earth at set speeds and in set but variable directions and in a constant state of movement. Only when it appeared that several of these sine waves intersected would phenomena be reported.


Were massive electrical discharges effecting the brains of the observers in much the same manner as the way that internal electrical discharges in the brains of schizophrenics cause totally realistic and sensorily reactive delusions?


The problem here was that where these waves intersected and phenomena occurred physical trace evidence or multiple witness sightings were reported. Schizophrenic delusions cannot interact with the outside environment so as to alter its nature or produce hallucinations that can be multiply witnessed.


Physical events were occurring here that left tangible physical traces as they interacted with our environment even if at times only momentarily or they were witnessed by independent witnesses or both.


Was it possible that where these intersections occurred there might be electromagnetic manipulation of the environment that caused the opening of what in modern scientific terms are labeled “Wormholes”? Namely doorways between dimensions?


Could our own cultural loadings be the perfect cover for Chameleons from these other dimensions to explore our planet and indeed the entire Universe and even the Multiverse unhindered?


If other life forms could use these wormholes to get to here could we eventually be able to use these Wormholes to go out there? Can we once we learn to use this multiversal cosmic mechanism be able to travel the Multiverse, the combination of all infinite Universes, whenever we wanted to?


Could this celestial clockwork of energy waves also be responsible for the vast cataclysms of our almost unknown past? That along with physical celestial bodies there are also traveling invisible energy bodies ranging in size from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Many of these phenomena being interacted with in the form of lights, noises and even pure energy. Are there also invisible energy forms that hurl through space as well using this same cosmic timetable?


Many of our phenomena are visible in the form of energy, lights or noises. Seeing that humans use only a very small part of the visible light spectrum then there is a lot of light, and light is the product of energy expension and movement, then we may well have what we would believe to be invisible energy masses.


Is matter so agitated when these sine waves converge that matter at a subatomic level oscillates faster than normal and indeed oscillates so fast that it oscillates through the Quasar Vacuum? The Quasar Vacuum being regarded theoretically as the barrier between different dimensions.


A simple analogy is that that electrons in solid matter start agitating or moving to become liquid. Liquid becomes more agitated and becomes gas. Gas can then be agitated to become a state called plasma, usually only found during nuclear explosions, as well as cold plasma explosions. Plasma can then theoretically be agitated so fast that it enters the Quasar Vacuum where matter is so loosely bonded and traveling so fast that it literally spins into another dimension where it can bypass space and time. The nature of the Quasar Vacuum then is as a doorway to and from other dimensions. A doorway that we are at the threshold of being able to intentionally open.


Shouldn’t this process produce intense heat that would destroy us ? Normally when matter changes from solid to liquid and then to gas and then to plasma before being agitated enough to pass through the Quasar Vacuum, where energy is in two dimensions at once, great heat is produced as a result of the accelerated movement of the atomic and subatomic particles that make up matter. Plasma as we know is produced in nuclear explosions and in stellar explosions.


Both of these occurrences liberate intense heat. If this is the case then this cannot be the explanation for the production of wormholes unless there is a method of liberating subatomic matter without heat. Impossible you say? Not if this were happening in conjunction with cold plasma explosions which do not release the heat of a hot plasma explosion.


There might even be a harmonically induced variant of the cold plasma explosion that facilitates these wormhole appearances and disappearances as well as the other phenomena that occur when these occur. Literally in a flash.


What then of our new voyagers making their way to where these energy oscillations or explosions occur and leaving our reality via them? These pathways are indeed predictable and mappable.


Could we use these wormholes to escape approaching cosmic bombardment that also follows regular and set timetables, probably even the same ones?


It is like finding the stations, mind you they keep moving, to a multiversal railroad system. Come with me as the next train takes off soon as we need to be on it.



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