Goodbye Siberian Woolly Mammoth


The Unknown Cataclysmic History of Civilized Man.


What have cataclysms to do with the history of civilization? More, much more, than we have ever been led to believe. Civilizations have come and gone more often due to cosmically induced cataclysms. Indeed the history of civilized mankind is much older than accepted by modern science and religion. And maybe the myth of anthropogenically generated climate change might have to viewed differently as I reveal  that climate change caused by cosmic collision has been a greater influence on human culture throughout our known and previously unknown history.





What if someone was collecting, formulating and analyzing data that proved conclusively that cosmic objects, both invisible and visible were due to strike the Earth in the very near future?


What if that same person was collecting and analyzing the historical and mythological precedents of cataclysmic cosmic bombardment throughout human history so as to validate that this had actually occurred numerous times in the past?


What if this same person had collected all available geological data that corroborated these assorted myths, legends and histories?


Then to make matters worse the same person discovered that this cosmic object was in fact an energy mass coming from another dimension and at the moment totally invisible to us on Earth?


What if this person had found patterns to seemingly unrelated phenomena occurring on the Earth’s surface as well as in the sky that when combined would indicate when the bombardment would most likely take place as well as where it was most likely to strike.


How important would this data and the patterns produced by it be?


Extremely important for the salvation of the human race!


This series of books are those findings!


None of the data presented is fictional though it may appear that way. In fact much of it appears too fantastic to be actually real.


What is real is the mathematics of the phenomena. The same consistent patterns were indicated over and over again.


In this mass of data there is a pattern that shows very clearly that there is a cycle of cosmic and in fact multidimensional events, often invisible to us, that affect our planet that we call home and that very soon one of these events may be close enough to strike.


These cosmic collisions are actually periodical and extremely regular.


We have met many types of cosmic bodies before but now we are on the way to tracking those cosmic bodies that are invisible to us in our spectrum until it is generally too late.


A strike of this sort made the dinosaurs extinct and from the data we shall see that extinction has come very close to us many times throughout our history.


An energy mass of this type was probably responsible for the famous Tunguska Event early in the Twentieth Century.


What then of the legendary worldwide Great Floods or Deluges? Where did the water come from? In many cases possibly from tidal waves churned up by these cosmic assassins as glaciers collapsed but in several cases possibly from rapidly melted water ice as Megacomets crashed into the Earth’s surface. One moment you have an enormous icemass crashing into you at great velocity, and the next you have nothing as the evidence washes away. Or does it? The only obvious feature is the sudden and drastic change to the environment. I may never look at aerial photographs of oval shaped intersecting and overlapping shallow lakes again. if you want to look at Google maps satellite photo of Lake Boga in Victoria in Australia. Interesting?


We may though be able to avert this Armageddon and thus save our race. Armageddon and Revelations are here upon us now!


Let us now get ready for an amazing journey not only through time but through space as well!


The most amazing finding though is that we may be able to avert Armageddon by leaving the Earth using the same interdimensional mathematics through which the striking object or objects are able to be detected.                                                


As for past precedents, what actually happened?


Around ten thousand years ago the world’s largest volcanic eruption occurred on a large landmass on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the Atlantic Ocean. Projectiles from this eruption were thrown as far as the Gulf of Mexico and the Southeastern United States. This force was reckoned to be the equivalent of 15,000 hydrogen bombs going off simultaneously and this was probably caused by either an asteroid, a comet or an invisible energy body during one of the most amazing meteor showers in the Earth’s history. The volcanic eruption was caused by the impact as the crust of the earth split open and buckled. In Labrador in Canada there was another impact that sent projectiles hurtling for thousands of miles. All over the eastern seaboard of the United States thousands of meteors left deep elliptical impact craters all heading in the one direction. The force of all of these impacts was enough to send the Earth reeling and teetering as it readjusted its angle of rotation. The Earth moved 28.5 degrees relative to its previous position causing even more disastrous consequences for those unfortunate enough to survive the initial impacts. The invisible energy mass probably traveled with the physical masses as the two types of event have been discerned through my research to travel together.


Mountain ranges were raised in some places up to six thousand feet whilst other areas collapsed. The bed of the Atlantic Ocean dropped nine thousand feet changing from a continental mass to a series of mountainous islands taking the remains of the continental mass with it and causing massive tidal waves or tsunamis across the face of the Earth.


In 1975 marine scientists from the University of Miami in Florida discovered traces of fossils and limestones taken right off the surface of the Atlantic seafloor that showed traces of rainwater. This can only occur on the surface of the sea, not thousands of feet down under the ocean. These scientists believe that a sudden flood of icy waters caused deepsea marine life to drastically alter their characteristics because of some event around 9,500 BC.


The temperate climate of Siberia was snap frozen as the Arctic weather patterns suddenly moved to their new positions as the Earth moved.


The same weather disturbance happened to the Poles which were previously semitropical in places as has been discovered by fossil evidence.


In a matter of only a few days the planet had altered its orbit and completely changed the climate of all of the landmasses as they were shifted  relative to where the Polar weather masses would be.


Nothing would ever be found of the continent often referred to as Atlantis as it had been effectively vapourized and the remnants apart from a few mountain peaks submerged.


Strong winds and storms as well as rapidly changing weather patterns spread death across the Americas causing the extinction of the American horse, the American elephant, the American camel, the mammoth and mastodon and the five toed llama amongst many others. The Age of the giant mammals was effectively over. This same death and destruction occurred in Europe and Asia and even Australia.


All of this was happening whilst fire and brimstone were falling from the sky!


The subsequent warmer temperatures caused the Allerod Oscillation that at the same time, in causing the retreat of glaciation from North America and Europe, also caused world sea-levels to rise three hundred feet on average. This rise in water levels would cover the damage caused by the initial tidal waves that fanned out from the seismic eruptions plaguing the planet.


The Allerod Interstadial was a warm phase during the Devensian Glaciation  in the Pleistocene Period  when massive catastrophic flooding occurred worldwide.


Some pockets of people survived in high and remote places but were like people who had been shipwrecked. Worldwide legends mentioned other people who survived in the massive subterranea that the ancients had built all over the planet. Many perished in them. Others adjusted to life in them and legends recall people living in the subterranea for several generations, too afraid to emerge until new leaders came to take them out, to tell them and show them that it was safe again.


On the surface your chances would not have been too good with the increased radiation, the volcanism, the earthquakes, the tidal waves up to one thousand feet high as well as the rising of sealevels and the new totally inclement weather under a rapidly fading sun. The sun was now a pale orb in a darkening sky, even when at its brightest. It was a cold and damp dark world and our memories of the subterranea are our memories of Hell and Limbo.


The ash and dust spewed up by the volcanic eruptions had filled the atmosphere and then the statosphere so the days became like night.


Those surviviors who had never left the surface of the planet and had started eventually to rebuild their own versions of what they had lost were in for a very cruel surprise. Though the volcanism had died down, the tsunamis had ended with the earthquakes and fire and brimstone were no longer falling from the sky, something equally as bad, possibly even worse, was about to happen.


Ice particles that had been accumulating on the dust in the stratosphere began to fall as dirty rain, the black rain of death recorded by many cultures. It began to rain in thick black drops in this dank dark world.


This was the oldest of the great worldfloods of legend coupled with the rising sealevel as the former ice caps melted faster than the accumulation of ice at the new Poles. Though the Great Flood did not cover the tops of the mountains themselves, it might as well have as far as the survivors were concerned as the black flood helped erode and bury what had just been built and struggled for as well as the few remaining traces of what had been before that had actually survived the destruction.


The cities and the subterranea along with the ships of the gods were rapidly becoming superstition and myth and the gods were despised , pleaded with and appeased with human sacrifices for they had not returned. History became mythology  and the tales of the gods became merely tales. Memories became addled with the retelling like a game of Chinese Whispers. The object now was to survive the flood and to start again and these castaways were not the leaders or scientists or even the priests of the old cultures, they were just ordinary people, the ones who always suffer the whims and follies of the great and powerful. And they would have to start all over again.


As they always have. Over and over and over again. For this was not the first or the last time that this type of cosmic cataclysm had ever happened and nor would it be the last!


This time though there may be a way to escape the next cosmic cataclysm. By leaving in the direction that the menace had appeared from and using the same mechanisms and laws of physics that apply to it that can be applied to us. There are escape hatches throughout the Multiverse and now is the time to use them again.


But we shall get to that later on.


First we need to validate the hypothesis that this type of cataclysmic cosmic event has indeed occurred in the past.


We shall use geology, archeology and mythology for this undertaking.

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