The events of April 1808 in Piedmont and Turin in the northwest of Italy read like the latest science fiction novel but remember that this is 1808, not 1998 or 2008. The events of 1808 surely made up for the drought of 1807 which was the only year that nothing of a phenomenal sort that left trace evidence or was multiply independently witnessed occurred. Nothing was reported to have happened at all anywhere on the planet. Once again there is no obvious linkage between celestial events and terrestrial events apart from coincidentality. Merely another set of coincidences again.


In the first of the series of reports from the area of Pinerolo in Torino, Turin, it had been reported that on 2nd April 1808, there had been numerous luminous aerial objects seen in the sky followed by an explosive sound during which an earthquake occurred. This earthquake was followed by the sounds of stones falling from the sky in their clattering multitudes at the end of which numerous fires suddenly broke out all over the city. There would be forty shocks here up until 8th April 1808. The phenomena must have occurred during a thunderstorm to account for the booms. Falling stones and fires from the sky. There is a simple solution here. It was a flaming meteorite shower. With low velocity. Problems with gravity?


Though the lights were said to be clearly visible in the sky they must have been under the thunderclouds that were incidentally not reported to have been there at all. These must have been lightning type flares and the sudden and unexpected fires must have been from lightning strikes from the storm that no one reported to have seen. After all we are dealing with people almost two hundred years ago. What would they have known? They were not as modern or as advanced in their thinking as we are. Are they? Can we even rule out a burning meteor shower?


Pinerolo=7.19e, 44.53n. 1=7e44n=14. eqp=4 eql=2    fston=10  ffire=2  ufoh=2 lhov=


The same day 2nd April 1808 as the events at Pinerolo another unusual event was occurring at Perosa Argentina nearby. Large luminous aerial bodies were seen discharging fiery arrows at a low height. This must be the same non-storm returning to the area after being reported at Pinerolo. Must be large luminous lightning masses shooting out lightning bolts. Without clouds. Okay, so these have never been reported either. Normally natural flying masses do not extrude or eject other flying masses with a greater velocity than themselves unless they in fact are exploding. These were not exploding but ejecting. Meteors as well tend not to explode in the sky but do indeed fragment once they hit the ground. What then is the logical answer? Is this another massive misinterpretation of a natural phenomena by uninformed witnesses again? Or did the aerial luminous masses actually look like they were exploding in all directions?


Were they masses or energy flares? Remember that the activation of energy is the basis of all states of matter.


Perosa Argentina=7.11e, 44.58n. 2=7e44n. ufoh=3 lhov=    1=ufoattak=1161


Four days later on 12th April 1808, a lone luminous aerial object hovered over La Morra in Piedmont and shone what appeared to be a beam of light, searchlights being unknown in this period, over the town. Not many meteors have what appear to be searchlights coming from them. Is this a lone lightning cloud to tally in with our previous theory? It must have been a long-lasting lightning bolt from those goddamned clouds that once again were not commented upon.


La Morra=7.56e, 44.39n. 3=7e44n. ufoh=4 lhov= 1=slight=161


The same day as the sighting at La Morra, 12th April 1808, the same non-storm or another one was occurring over Carmagnola in Torino. In this case another lone luminous aerial object swooped down out of the sky and unsaddled a lone horseman. Maybe the witness was so startled that he simply overlooked mentioning the clouds that usually accompany lightning. There is no record though of the luminous object actually hitting the ground. We might even observe that if one is to swoop one must come down towards ones target, like a magpie or a hawk, and then return to the sky without making contact with the ground. Meteors cannot reverse their direction let alone soar back onto the sky. Maybe it was a giant luminous owl? During the day? Of a type that had not been seen before? The same owl that had hovered over La Morra and then shone a searchlight onto the township? I think not.


Carmagnola=7.43e, 44.51n. 4=7e44n. ufoh=5 attak=4   lhov=ufoattak=2


On 13th April 1808 at Borgo San Domino in the same general area a single red cloud that resembled an explosion in the sky was seen. A red cloud? A red owl in a bright clear sky? Must have been a dust cloud after the severe storms in the area. Dust storms have been blamed for many phenomena so I thought that we would get in early with this one even if no dust storm was reported by the local inhabitants. After all we are not going to take them too seriously are we?


Borgo San Domino=7.00e, 44.00n. 5=7e44n. ufoh=6   1=cloudd=38  lhov=


The mystery searchlight was back and hovering over Torre Pellice in Torino on 15th April 1808. The object resembled a flying light-shaft, that would resemble a searchlight to our generation, and flew low over the city and disappeared behind the Picco Vandalino. This is probably a meteor that obviously looked like a searchlight. This one just flew low over the city instead of down onto it whilst trailing a second conjoined meteor. Shame that this is impossible as it is such a tempting explanation to use and sounds so logical as well as apparently reasonable.


Torre Pellice=7.13e,44.49n. 6=7e44n. ufoh=7 lhov= slight=2


On 18th April 1808, there were two sounds like cannon shot over La Tour in Piedmont and a strange luminous object was seen in the part of the sky where the sounds had originated. Maybe more thunder? Another hovering luminous meteor that did not come to Earth? The problem is that meteors and other celestial phenomena cannot hover. This would then suggest that the luminous object was traveling over the area very slowly or it was very high up and looking slow. Maybe it was not a meteor? Meteors always look fast because they are always traveling fast, usually in only a matter of a few seconds, not sailing leisurely across the heavens.


La Tour=7.00e, 44.00n. 7=7e44n. ufoh=8 lhov=


Also on 18th April 1808 a very busy day, a loud humming noise was heard coming from a field near Torre Pellice when suddenly a disc-shaped luminous object shot up from out of the same field and vanished into the sky at tremendous speed. The luminous escaper was seen by Senor Simondi, Secretary to the Justice of the Peace at the Picco Vandalino who had been woken up by the loud humming noise. This meteor was not seen coming down. It was seen going up after and whilst making a loud humming noise. Meteors cannot hum, even if they don’t know the words. Nor do they suddenly rise up out of fields. Electrical fields hum, and sometimes very loudly. Maybe this meteor did not know that it could not rise up into the sky? This is a shame as this was not the first non-returning meteor seen in the area and would not be the last or we could conveniently regard it as an insignificant aberration.


Aberrations are much harder to disassociate from or deny the existence of when they start occurring in masses or themes. Maybe the giant wind or vacuum, the Frogsucker, was sucking the falling meteors back up? Why is it that the logical answer for one problem becomes an absurdity when applied as the answer to another problem? The mathematics are indeed the same as are the constants. Only the objects being described are different. Why then should this make a difference in our appreciation of the phenomenon?

Torre Pellice=7.13e, 44.49n. 8=7e44n. 1=ufol=1425  ufoh=9  lhov=  1=ufoto=132


Even ancient local legends had come back to life according to some reports. Around Mount Musinee, an extinct volcanic cone near Rivoli in Torino, the Chariot of Herod was reported to be seen as well on 18th April 1808. The Chariot of Herod was described in folkloric literature of the area as a mass of strange rays of light that had the ability to hover with amazing force. More hovering lights and this one hovers with amazing force? How? Was the Chariot of Herod sending an air-displacement downwards as it traveled through the sky? Was it causing shockwaves? Was it sending out an electromagnetic force field?


Mount Musinee=7.40e, 45.04n. 1=7e45n=6. ufoh=10 lhov= ufoattak=3


The following day, 19th April 1808, back at Borgo San Domino in Piedmont, there were the sounds of cannons coming from the sky whilst an earthquake was occurring. A single stone was also recorded as having fallen from the sky during this particular earthquake. We now suspect that falling stones might not be unusual though they are not related to earthquakes and earthquakes are not related to storms, or even fogs. And there was another storm by the sound of it even if no one reported seeing the clouds. How come they can never remember seeing the clouds as these storms must have been phenomenal. Surely you would remember the clouds?


Borgo San Domino=7.00e, 44.00n. 9=7e44n. eqp=5 fston=11


Back around Mount Musinee for the rest of April 1808 the Chariot of Herod was being seen frequently and the Chariot was believed to live inside of the mountain, eighteen kilometers from Turin and had been reported since Roman times, possibly even earlier. The Chariot was even reported to be capable of changing its shape. Oddly enough on the slopes of Mount Musinee there are petroglyphs or rock carvings from prehistoric times that depict strange disc-shaped objects. Is there a connection? Is it all illusion? The same flying object is described as being able to hover with amazing force. Unless you have met an hovering aircraft, you would not know of air displacement caused by hovering or flying objects. Does this indeed sound like the object seen over Torre Pellice nearby on the fifteenth of that same month?


What was responsible for the cluster of phenomena in Piedmont and Turin during April 1808. It does not seem like standard storm phenomena considering that there are no records of storms occurring at the time, let alone records of clouds. Not one witness described the phenomena as lightning and they would have been familiar with lightning. Maybe they were earthquake lights, also discredited, that are reported to occur in conjunction with earthquakes and are caused by piezoelectric forces being generated below ground. Or was it a single long running meteor shower? A single pinpoint meteor shower that lasted during earthquakes and also had the ability to rise up as well as fall down over a considerable time period onto only one small part of the Earth’s surface?


Mount Musinee=7.40e, 45.04n. 2=7e45n. ufoh=11 lhov=


Next we are away from northern Italy and in the skies above Skanninge in Ostergotland in Sweden. It is 4.00 pm on 16th May 1808 when a strange sight is seen unfolding in the sky. Many witnesses saw a very unusual aerial migration in progress. The sun had turned brick-red and from the west appeared a myriad of round, hatcrown-sized bodies with eighteen to 24 foot long tails. Some of these aerial visitors fell to ground and where they had fallen there was now a gelatinous film which soon dried and vanished. The rest of the flotilla continued flying like aerial manta rays to the east. This was obviously jelly looking for and finding somewhere to fall as a vast herd of it or them migrated to the east. We have recorded jellies flying and falling before. Usually falling. This time it is flying as well as falling. By the description of them they resemble giant flying sperms. But of what? And how did the majority of them stay up there.


Sperms rarely fly, especially under their own power. They are usually propelled or ejaculated. Was there an unreported gigantic ejaculation nearby? This gigantic ejaculation would have been even more spectacular than the over flying sperms! Or were these aerial manta rays sailing along and suddenly confronted by a different medium to that which they are used to. They brush past our dimension and some fall through whilst the procession continues onwards. Lost wayfarers washed up on interdimensional tides or beaches. Were we actually looking at something sailing past in our dimension of reality and in some parts accidentally falling through? Were we looking through a gap into an airborne ocean or a sky of a different thickness? Or was God ejaculating, the origin of panspermia, the seeding of the Universe?


Skanninge=15.05e, 58.24n. 1=15e58n=2  1=fanim=23


On 8th June 1808, at Mito in Kanto Province in Japan, a mysterious light was seen in the sky to the south between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm. Shortly afterwards at 8.30 pm there was a sound like thunder that was sounding from east to west for some time. This thunderous crash was so strong that it shook sliding doors and could be heard for many scores of miles. The light was so powerful that in the dead of night people could see each others faces. There is no scientific connection between lights in the sky and earthquakes and obviously no one had informed the thousands of witnesses of this Japanese event or the report would have been different. This was a very long flypast at two hours considering that the average meteor is usually gone in an instant or in only few seconds. Were these luminous flying giant sperms adapted for night flying? All the way from Sweden? We think not though the temptation to succumb to unscientific satire is great. We need to see the gaps and twists in logic and mathematics to see what will fit into them in a logical and sane manner. Were these merely earthquake lights after all? But first we have to accept the existence of earthquake lights. Can we open that door?


Mito=140.29e, 36.22n. 1L=140e36n. eql=3


In June 1808 off the Isle of Soay in the Scottish Hebrides, a giant turtle had been seen in the sea. The creature had a serrated back and bony plates instead of teeth. Good. Something normal at last. A giant sea turtle with a serrated back. Like a stegosaurus or an amphycalidya, the serrated back tortoise, a gigantic version of the American snapping turtle. Shame that no other turtles exist in this form anymore, apart from the snapping turtle, and the snapping turtle is not an ocean dweller though examples of the amphycalidya once were presumably many millions of years ago. It is amazing how a whole new species appears and then disappears, very quickly at times.


Isle of Soay=6.14w, 57.08n. 1=6w57n=10. smon=2


Also in June 1808 off Coll near Eigg which is near Mull in Strathclyde in Scotland Mr. McLean, the parish minister of Eigg was rowing along the coast of Coll when he spotted a small rock half a mile away in an area where he knew that no such rock should exist. Then Mr. McLean saw an eye in the rock that was looking straight back at him. At this Mr. McLean started heading for shore as the rock with the eye suddenly plunged under the water and headed straight for him. Almost as soon as Mr. McLean had hit the rocky shore and jumped out of the boat the seamonster was nearly upon him but on realizing that the water was far too shallow for its own survival it headed back to deeper water, still keeping its oval shaped and broad head out of the water. Mr. McLean could easily see that the shoulders tapered towards the tail and that it had no fins and was seventy to eighty feet long with humps undulating up and down its back. The creature stared back at him. This is not a giant serrated snapping turtle. This is our first seaserpent. With shoulders. Why can’t these things ever conform to a standard? Why have shoulders if you have no arms or did it have unseen flippers? Some serpents such as the anacondas and the boa constrictors have vestigial legs but none are known with vestigial arms or shoulders. And why did this seagoing Nessy make an appearance at the same time as the giant serrated back turtle as these two could not be mistaken for each other. Were our oceans or parts of them shared even if only for a galactic moment? Do we share more of our planet than we think? Or are these previously unobserved locals? In a body of water that has been constantly fished in since Neolithic times.


Coll=6.26w, 56.41n. 1=6w56n=2. smon=3 ssp=2


Still in that same month of June 1808 and off the Isle of Canna, which is near Coll, the crews of thirteen fishing boats saw an enormous seamonster from which they fled as one to the mouth of the nearest creek. Something familiar at last. Remember though that these creatures are not supposed to exist. Nothing in this book is supposed to exist. The fishermen still fled from the nonexistence though and did not wait around to see if it actually existed or not.


Isle of Canna=6.37w, 57.26n. 2=6w57n. smon=4


And June 1808 kept rolling on. Between Rum and Canna the terrified crew of another fishing boat saw a seaserpent coming towards them with the wind. The waterbeastie’s head which was as large as a boat was high above the water and its huge eyes were the size of dinner plates. Obviously a very curious though non-existent seaserpent.


Rum=6.28w, 57.01n. 3=6w57n. smon=5 ssp=3


And then this spurt of June sightings stopped as suddenly as it had started.


On 26th September 1808, the good and simple folk of the island of Stronsay in the Orkneys found a curious creature washed up on a beach. Was it the Canna and Rum seaserpent? The Coll serrated back giant turtle? The local fishermen who knew the waters around the island well as well as all of the fishes of the sea in these parts could not identify it. The creature was not a seaserpent or a turtle. It was different. It was not a fish either and had six arms or paws or possibly wings as well as a mane. After a while it turned rancid and was towed out to sea and dumped indicating that it was not a member of the seal family either or the canny Stronsayites would have drained the blubber from it as well as the oil. This they could not use. Modern authorities state with remote authority that the creature was a rare basking shark yet wouldn’t the local fisherfolk know whether this was a fish or not, no matter what the description? This was creature number three in the same area but not the same creature as the Hebrides sightings. Unless all of the other witnesses forgot to mention that the seaserpent and the serrated back turtle had a mane and paws as well. If it had paws then it would have had arms or flippers and that would explain the shoulders. There was a drawing of the said beast that looked like a long necked sea snake with six legs and a mane like a very flat looking dinosaur. The creature

was fifty-five feet long and found in Rothiesholm Bay. The girth was equal to that of an Orkney pony and the head was no larger than that of a seal and had two blowholes on it. From the back a number of filaments hung down like a mane and on each side of the body were three large fins on each side and shaped like paws.


A significant oversight in anyone’s language. We have lots of oversights. The people of Piedmont after all could not see thunderclouds during storms. Funny though how three totally different species suddenly appear in the one small area, relative to the surface of the earth, at the same time. Were the witnesses adapting the sighted phenomenon to suit their own tastes either consciously or unconsciously or was the one phenomenon visible in a variety of forms? Had two oceans intermingled for an interdimensional moment? Were we seeing seas washing between dimensions? Tides drifting in and out of our own perceived reality? Even when it left physical traces that rotted on beaches on remote Scottish islands? Or was it merely coincidence that three different types of aquatic monster appeared suddenly and for a very limited period in 1808 in the one geographically small area?


Stronsay=2.37w,59.07n. 1=2w59n=2. smon=6


Speaking of Piedmont again? On 8th October 1808, back at Pinerolo in Torino, the province next to Piedmont, luminous discs were seen hovering low over the town. In this region of northern Italy the usual was happening until it would suddenly end the following year, never to be seen again for many years. Why the huge gaps in some places between sightings and in other places the small gaps?


Pinerolo=7.09e,44.53n. 10=7e44n. ufoh=12 lhov=


We also have more stonefalls in 1808. This time at Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh in India where there was a recorded fall of non-meteoric stone from the sky. There had been a previous fall of stone at Allahabad nearby in 1802. Astronomically speaking this is virtually a return to the same spot. Impossible! This would indicate two pinpoint meteor showers adjusting their own trajectory over time to arrive at the same site on the Earth’s surface. This book is filled with impossibles though. If in this period there was no belief in meteors then how did we conclude that the stone was non-meteoric? Less than three degrees difference over six years. We are heading southeast.


Moradabad=78.46e, 28.50n. 1=78e28n=4. fston=12 meto=7



On 24th January 1897, there was a great explosion heard over the town of Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona. There was an explosion as something came rollicking down out of the sky and a fragment of a Meteor fell at Saint David also in Cochise County,  nearby. Our first Meteorite for the year.


Tombstone=110.34W,31.44N.1=110W34N=4 eqp=70

Saint David=110.12w, 31.54n 3=110w31n   meto=110 fston=127


On the 4th February 1897 witnesses at Inavale in Webster County in Nebraska had a close-up view of an object in the sky that was cone-shaped, thirty to forty feet long and had two sets of wings on a side with a large fan-shaped rudder. There were lights attached to it as well.


Inavale= 98.39w, 40.05n   1=98w40n=2    ufoh=


During early February 1897, there were several sightings of an Airship in York, York County, Nebraska. Was this also a Meteor but misidentified? Can witnesses lock their own cultural loadings onto their observations?  Misidentified Meteorite or Airship? Or previously unknown energy masses with a very high frequency?


York=97.35W,40.52N.1=97W40N=4. ufoh=230 lhov=


Throughout  February 1897, there were hundreds of sightings of nocturnal lights that moved at most remarkable speed in Nebraska. There were also numerous witnesses of airships. A lot of witnesses seemed to be possibly loading their cultural associations and beliefs with the newly observed aerial Phenomena. Unless one realises that in this period news travelled slowly and the great Airship flap of 1897 had not started as yet. No one else had seen the Airships yet outside of this then rather remote area.


Nebraska=100.00W,41.30N.1=100W41N=2. ufoh=231 lhov=  


On 10th March 1897 a meteor exploded over New Martinsville in Wetzel County in West Virginia. The noise of the explosion sounded like a heavy artillery salute and when the meteor exploded pieces from it flew in all directions like a volcanic eruption. Solid walls were pierced by the fragments  and David Leisure was knocked down by the force of the air caused by  the rapidity with which the object passed before it broke rendering him unconscious. One horse had its head crushed and nearly torn from the trunk by a fragment of the meteor and another horse in the next stall was found to be stone deaf from the noise of the explosion.


New Martinsville= 80.51w, 39.38n   1=80w39n=4   meto=111   attak=83   fston=128


On 27th March 1897, the good citizens of Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas, were disturbed at 9.30pm by a large object described as a blood red light that appeared in the sky west of the city and was observed for more than three quarters of an hour travelling to the northeast. The aerial object also disappeared and reappeared a number of times.


Topeka=95.41W,39.02N. 1=95W39N=8. ufoh=232 lhov=


On 28th March 1897, an Airship was seen at Concordia, Cloud County, near Atcheson in Kansas,22 miles south of Belleville. This one or these ones were different. They headed south.


Concordia=97.39W,39.35N.1=97W39N=6. ufoh=233 lhov=


Also on 28th March 1897 a large Airship was seen in the sky above Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. The craft was all lit up and heading Northwest. This one headed Northwest.


Omaha=96.00W,41.15N,1=96W41N=11. ufoh=234 lhov=


The same day 28th March 1897 an Airship was seen over Belleville in Republic County, Kansas, fifty miles north of Salina. Strange lights had been seen in the sky and had been seen travelling over Nebraska and Kansas. This was a blindingly bright light that seemed to be drifting aimlessly overhead. But you normally don’t get Meteors aimlessly drifting overhead though. It’s usually more like wham, bam, thank you m’am and we don’t care if you did not enjoy it they are so fast.


Belleville=97.38W,39.51N.2=97W39N. ufoh=235 lhov=


On 30th March 1897, a bright light was seen sailing to the Northwest over Denver, Colorado. It was too slow for a Meteor. In fact several of the bright lights sailed to the northwest.


Denver=105.00W,39.45N,1=105W39N=5. ufoh=236 lhov=


On 31st March 1897 at Galesburg in Kalamazoo County in Michigan a brilliant white light was seen hovering over the town. This object also made a crackling sound. Or they just appeared and hovered, another thing that Meteors cannot do. No matter how many reports we have of hovering Meteors, they cannot hover meaning that something else was doing the hovering.


 Galesburg=85.25W,42.17N.1=85W42N=10. ufoh=237  lhov=


That same day 31st March 1897 at 10.00 pm over Charleston, Sanilac County, Michigan, MrsWyngate saw a brilliant white light and distinctly heard Human voices from above. She was not the first one either. Something in the sky with Human voices? Are we observing happenings or perceived happenings due to other causes? But why perceive the one type of happening?


Charleston=82.41W,43.40N.1=82W43N=2. ufoh=238 lhov=ufohom=15


Also during March 1897 there were strange and unnatural ghost lights over Caseville in Huron County, Michigan, for a period of days. The lights were at a low altitude. Hovering at low altitudes for a period of a few days?


 Caseville=83.16W,43.56N,1=83W46N=3 . ufoh=239 lhov=


Airships were also seen in Kansas in March 1897 and in Sioux City in Woodbury County in Iowa where Mr Robert Hibbard saw an Airship in the sky about fifteen miles north of town. An anchorlike object was hanging from it and allegedly caught in Mr Hibbard’s clothes, carrying him for some distance before he could disentangle himself and crash back to Earth. It just kept getting weirder. This is anchor number one. There would be another two anchor incidents as well during this same year.


Kansas=98.00W,38.40N.2=98W38N. ufoh=240 lhov= ufol=34

Sioux City=96.28W,42.30N,1=96W42N=4 ufoh=241 lhov=ufoattak=22


During the last week of March 1897, there were moving lights like fires over Lake Huron and especially Saginaw Bay. The lights lasted for one week. The aerial Phenomena liked lakes.


Saginaw Bay=83.55W,43.26N.1=83W43N=5 ufoh=242 lhov=


From March 1897 to May 1897, a "Santer" or panther was seen around Roaring River,Wilkes County, North Carolina.


Roaring River=81.00W, 36.11N. 2=81W36N. ccatt=11


On 1st April 1897, at 8.00 pm there was a ninety minute sighting by approximately ten thousand people in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri of an object in the sky that had blue, green and white lights on it. The Airship also had a searchlight. After ninety minutes the craft shot upwards into the sky and vanished. A balloon cannot do this. Whilst in view the Airship travelled in a rollercoaster fashion, going up and down, and travelled at sixty miles per hour, crossing the city at 45 degrees above the horizon and turned reddish as it moved away. Some of the aerial Phenomena had searchlights and brightly coloured lights of different hues on them.


Kansas City=94.33W,39.02N,3=94W39N . ufoh=243 lhov= slight=11


That same day, 1st April 1897, one hour after Kansas City, Missouri, an Airship was seen in the sky over Everest in Brown County, Kansas. This was sixty minutes after the sighting sixty miles away in Kansas City.


Everest=95.26W,39.41N,2=95W39N. ufoh=244 lhov=


At 2.00 am 2nd April 1897 hundreds of witnesses saw an enormous flying object with fins at each end as well as a beacon on it in the sky over Chicago, Illinois. Some had fins and some seemed deliberately directed.


Chicago=87.45W,41.50N,7=87W41N ufoh=245 lhov=


Also on 2nd April 1897 an Airship was seen over Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, that was regarded as being deliberately directed. An Airship had been seen here on March 28,1897, as well.


Omaha=96.00W,41.15N,2=96W41N. ufoh=246 lhov=


On 3rd April 1897 many witnesses saw an Airship above Des Moines in Polk County, Iowa.


Des Moines=93.35W,41.35N.1=93W41N=2 ufoh=247 lhov=


Some kept returning. Many of these commonly observed movements and situations were observed that year but are literally impossible for astronomic Phenomena to duplicate. On 3rd April 1897 an Airship was seen over Topeka, Kansas, that for a short period would reappear on consecutive evenings.


Topeka=95.41W,39.02N.3=95W39N. ufoh=248 lhov=


That same day 3rd April 1897 at Wesley in Kassuth County, Iowa, many witnesses saw a flying cone with windows with bright lights shining through them. It was only a few hundred feet up and travelled slowly. There was also a noise coming from it. This one had windows.


Wesley=93.59W,43.06N. 2L=93W43N. ufoh=249 lhov=


On 4th April 1897 there was still one hovering over Topeka, Kansas. They were always similar but quite often not the same. Does one suspect that there is too much variation in the sightings?


Topeka=95.41W,39.02N.4=95W39N. ufoh=250 lhov=


On 5th April 1897 the Topeka Airship or whatever was still there. Realistically speaking one could not have a plethora of Airship styles. It must have been just a few but interpreted differently by the observers The only constant was Time and Space.


Topeka=95.41W,39.02N.5=95W39N. ufoh=251 lhov=


Still 5th April 1897 and over one hundred witnesses saw an Airship over Omaha, Nebraska, again. The Airship was cigar-shaped in outline and was clearly seen. It appeared to have a thirty foot long steel body, a gondola or carriage underneath the apparent balloon part, and a brilliant light that flooded windows on the west side of the city as a searchlight on the craft appeared to search the ground. All of the aerial craft were being customised.


Omaha=96.00W,41.15N,3=96W41N ufoh=252 lhov=slight=12


Nothing happened on 6th April 1897.


On 7th April 1897 a Mr Butler in Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, reported that an Airship had landed in his driveway just after Midnight. The craft was 35 feet long by ten to twelve feet thick and there were a row of windows along the side where the gondola would be. The craft suddenly took off as Mr Butler approached. Hundreds of individual witnesses had seen the craft in the sky. The windowed ones were becoming popular. In March Mr Hibbard of Sioux City claimed that an anchor dragging from an Airship had caught on his clothing and carried him a distance. Are they all crazy in Sioux City? Maybe not.


Sioux City=96.28W,42.30N,2=96W42N. ufoh=253 lhov=ufol=35


Also on 7th April 1897, an Airship was seen over Cedar Rapids in Linn County in Iowa.


Cedar Rapids=91.39W,41.59N,1=91W41N=4 ufoh=254 lhov=


That same day 7th April 1897 an Airship was seen over Burlington in Des Moines County in Iowa. Witnesses were even insisting that they were not balloons that they were seeing.


Burlington=91.07W,40.50N,1=91W40N=4 ufoh=255 lhov=


On 9th April 1897 an Airship with swaying red and green lights was seen over Evanston in Cook County, near Chicago, Illinois. Balloons are not normally seen with swaying red and green lights.


Evanston=87.41W,42.02N.2=87W42N. ufoh=256 lhov=


Also on 9th April 1897 cigar-shaped Airships were seen in the sky over Elora in Hardin County, Iowa. These Airships had flashing lights on them as well as searchlights with which they swept the ground. The craft were often moving in an erratic fashion and seemed intelligently controlled and also were seen moving against the wind. Balloons did not have flashing lights and searchlights either.


Elora=93.09W,42.22N,3=93W42N . ufoh=257 lhov=slight=13


That same day 9th April 1897 an Airship with rotating red and green lights was seen in the sky by multitudes of witnesses in Chicago, Illinois. The cigar-shaped craft had wings as well as a directable searchlight with which it scanned the ground. There were also smaller green, white and red lights like lamps on it as well. No balloons had wings!


Chicago=87.45W,41.50N. 8=87W41N. ufoh=258 lhov=slight=14


The 9th April 1897  craft was also seen by witnesses in Niles Center in Cook County as well as in Schermerville, now called Northbrook, also in Cook County in Chicago.


Niles Center=87.48W,42.01N. 3=87W42N. ufoh=259 lhov=slight=15

Schermerville=87.51w, 42.08n. 4=87w42n ufoh=260 lhov=slight=16  


On 10th April 1897 an Airship hovered for a period of time over Newton in Jasper County, Iowa. It was seen to drop something that was referred to as a probe. Alleged balloons were now even giving birth to other aerial objects.


Newton=93.02W,41.41N,2L=93W41N ufoh=261 lhov=fobs=67


Also on 10th April 1897 an Airship passed over Appleton in Outagamie County in Wisconsin in front of many witnesses.


Appleton=88.24W,44.15N.4=88W44N. ufoh=262 lhov=


At Pine Lake in Oakland County, Michigan, the same day 10th April 1897, fishermen at the lake saw a Panther. Panthers are not indigenous to Michigan and this one was reported to have made a terrible noise and to have slaughtered livestock.


Pine Lake=83.20W,42.35N.2=83W42N. ccatt=12 ccattattak=4


Back to Chicago, Illinois, and it is 11th April 1897. Unbelievably there is an Airship hovering over the city though by now people should have been getting used to them wherever they showed up.


Chicago=87.45W,41.50N. 9=87W41N. ufoh=263 lhov=


Still 11th April 1897and in Niles, Berrien County, Michigan, many people saw a huge illuminated object in the sky.


 Niles=86.15W,41.49N.3=86W41N. ufoh=264 lhov=


At 9.00 pm on 11th April 1897, an airship approached the city of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, from the northeast out over Lake Michigan. Thousands of people saw the light heading towards the southwest when it suddenly stopped in its tracks and hovered one thousand feet above the town hall for fifteen minutes. The light then turned northwest and disappeared.


Milwaukee=87.54W, 43.02N. 4=87W43N. ufoh=265 lhov=


At 5.30 am on 12th April 1897, a Mr Walter McCann, a newsdealer in Rogers Park, thirty miles south of Chicago, Illinois, took two photographs of a cigar-shaped aerial craft in the sky. The top part was an elongated ovoid like a large silk envelope and the cabin underneath was of white metal. The Airships were now even being photographed.


Rogers Park=87.45W,41.50N,10=87W41N . ufoh=266 lhov=


On the morning of 12th April 1897, a railroad engineer, Mr F. L. Bullard, running engine 950 on a mail run saw an airship that moved parallel with his train that had just reached Western Avenue in Chicago. The train was paced and outrun by the light for the next twenty miles until the train reached Lisle, Du Page County, Illinois. The craft was estimated to be travelling between one hundred and one hundred and fifty miles per hour. The train was travelling at seventy miles per hour.


Chicago=87.58W, 41.47N. 11=87W41N. ufoh=267 lhov= ufoattak=23 ufol=36


Later that same day 12th April 1897 all of the population of Fontanelle in Adair County, Iowa, saw an Airship two hundred feet above the trees. The Airship had come from the southeast and was sixty feet long with vibrating wings as well as coloured lights. Working machinery could be heard. There was also a strange sort of noise like the music of an orchestra. The Airship then increased speed and vanished. The Airships are now flying around either with or without their own orchestras. Or was this machine noise or another sort of noise?


Fontanelle=94.35W,41.21N,1=94W41N=3 ufoh=268 lhov= ufol=37


At 6.15 pm on 12th April 1897, a number of citizens reported the landing of an airship in a field about a mile from Girard, Macoupin County, Illinois. The craft was large and tapering to a point at both ends with wings on each side and a canopy-like covering. Several witneses saw a man climb from the craft and walk around it as if checking for a malfunction. A huge capital M and other letters that were indistinguishable appeared on the side of the ship and after remaining on the ground for fifteen minutes the craft suddenly rose to a high altitude and travelled to the north. The witnesses reported a man’s footprints in the area around where the craft had appeared to be.


Girard=89.46W, 39.26N. 2=89W39N. ufoh=269 lhov=ufol=38  ufohom=16  ufoattak=24


Between 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm on 12th April 1897 there were reports that an aerial machine making a whirring sound was seen in Europia, Kansas, as well as in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois.


Europia=.( no latitude and longitude data for Europia)vvv    ufoh=270 lhov=


Rushville=90.33W, 40.07N. 2=90W40N ufoh=271 lhov=


Between 8.30pm and 9.00pm on 12th April 1897, an aerial object with multicoloured lights was seen over Warren, Jo Daviess County, Illinois.


Warren=89.58W, 42.29N. 4=89W42N. ufoh=272 lhov=


At 2.00am on 12th April 1897 an airship was seen over Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.


Muncie=85.23W, 40.11N. 1=85W40N=12. ufoh=273 lhov=


At 9.00 am on 13th April 1897 at Saint Paul in Ramsey County, Minnesota, a cigar-shaped craft with wings landed in Courthouse Square. After three minutes a hidden door opened in the silver-coated craft and three Hominoids emerged. They were humanoid though with no demarcation between the nose and the mouth and they had immense gills on the sides of the head like elephant’s ears that moved like breathing. The mouth was huge from gill to gill. The Hominoids also had a single huge fin on each of their back. They had pointy feet, eyes like boiled eggs and hands like claws. On 13th April ,they were of interest to the Law itself later in the day.


Saint Paul=93.05W.44.54N.1=93W44N=6. ufoh=274 lhov=ufol=39 ufohom=17


On 13th April 1897, at Harrison, Sioux County, Nebraska, all the witnesses present were from a district court and these included Judges, Lawyers and court witnesses. For thirty minutes they watched an Airship that had come from the southeast. It had a bright, white light as well as several coloured lights. Overall it was black and Whale-shaped. Two crew were visible in the gondola underneath and there was a propellor at the stern. Mr A. J. Habbiger thought that he had heard voices coming from it. Why aren’t these things ever seen and heard by the most reliable of witnesses?


Harrison=103.52W,42.42N.1L=103W42N. ufoh=275 lhov= ufol=40


On 14th April 1897 at 4.30 am at Howard City in Montcalm County, Michigan, hundreds of witnesses saw a strange contraption land in a field. A nude giant 9.5 feet tall emerged from the craft and made bellowing noises whilst just standing there. One of the many farmers who had come to see what was going on approached too closely and the giant lashed out with its foot and broke the farmers hip. The giant stood there for several hours and then left. The bellowing noises were repetitive and piles of furry pelts were seen on board the craft through the door. Even the descriptions of the occupants were varied. Nude bellowing giants? A cargo of furry pelts? An Intergalactic trapper but certainly not a gentle one? Did he hunt Hairy Hominoids?


Howard City=85.30W,43.23N,1=85W43N=4 ufohom=18 ufoh=276 lhov= ufol=41 ufoattak=25


Also on 14th April 1897 at Carlinville in Macoupin County in Illinois a cigar-shaped Airship with wings landed on a farm. The Airship had a canopy on top and sailed away when approached by witnesses. The canopy was reported by witnesses as dome-shaped. What sort of machines are we dealing with here? This one even had a dome shaped canopy on its top. Something no balloon can do. It also had wings. Is this overkill?


Carlinville=89.52W,39.17N,3=89W39N. ufoh=277 lhov=ufol=42


It was still 14th April 1897 and John Roush, a farmer, was just outside of Gas City in Grant County, Indiana when he saw an Airship come crashing down out of the sky onto his farm. This terrified the horses and cattle and caused them to stampede. Six Hominoids appeared out of the craft and proceeded to make repairs after which the same six Hominoids then boarded the craft and took off from the ground and flew to the east. Now we even have Airships crashing down to Earth and even scaring the animals. The crew were not called humans by Mr Roush thereby indicating that there was a strong possibility that if they did not look like humans then they might not be humans. This is not our first case of an Airship needing repairs. The first was at Pacific Grove, California, in December 1896.


Gas City=85.37W,40.28N,2=85W40N=8 ufoh=278 lhov=ufocrash=3 ufohom=19 ufol=43 ufoattak=26


In March 1947 Mr. Peter Pantages of Vancouver and a taxi driver named Oscar who were fishing both stated that they saw a seamonster near Siwash Rock in Stanley Park in Vancouver city in British Columbia in Canada.


Siwash Rock=123.09w, 49.18n   7=123w49n   smon=321


During April 1947, in Woodstock in Windsor County in Vermont on a Sunday a fire broke out in a basement. On Monday the staircase. Tuesday the upstairs partition and on Wednesday the Walkers moved out and the house burnt down completely on Thursday. No cause could be found for the fires. Occasionally things just go up in smoke. This area does not a have a great history and there is no repetition of Phenomena at all. Like many of our Phenomena they occur in clusters all of a sudden. Then they stop. Quite often they never return as if they had never been. Just scattered clusters. A very quiet area indeed. In 1886 there had been two sightings of Lakemonsters in the Connecticut River, an Airship was seen at White River Junction in 1908, and in 1918 there was a massive dustfall in the area.


Woodstock=72.33W,43.37N,5=72W43N  scom=42  attak=200


Also during April 1947, a Seamonster was seen loping along through the water in Security Bay in Alaska. Do Seamonsters follow the same pattern of events? Towards the end of April Mr. and Mrs. Lou Baggon saw the seaserpent from the deck of the tug “Suntrana”. It had a flat goggle-eyed head and was looping along through the water. It was undulating vertically with loops above the water surface.


Security Bay=134.10W,56.56N.1=134W56N=2  smon=322


As well in April 1947, Mr J. W. MacKillop, Town Clerk of Inverness, and his son, saw a longnecked creature in Loch Ness that left a large wake. The Loch Ness Monster in one of its many guises?


Loch Ness=4.27W,57.18N,88=4W57N lmon=347


Still in April 1947, and at Col-de-Serres on the Clarry River in Cantal in France Mr Orliange saw a thirty metre disc with a cupola on it at low altitude. This is no flying garbage can lid or chicken warmer, it was huge.


Col-de-Serres=2.45E,45.10N.1=2E45N=4. ufoh=737  lhov=


April 1947 continued and during the middle of the month in Richmond in Virginia a Meteorologist Mr Walter A. Minczeweski was using a theodolite, together with his staff, to track their weather balloon when he suddenly noticed a silver saucer shaped object with a dome on top in the sky. All of the people present were meteorologists of the U.S. Weather Service and saw it for fifteen seconds before it sped away to the west at a level altitude. Domed saucers in the sky. Our invention or theirs? There had only been two previously reported Phenomena here before. In Cloverlea in 1850 there was a fall of flesh and blood and in 1900 two men were struck by lightning from a clear sky at Cold Harbour.


Richmond=77.27W,37.33N.3=77W37N. ufoh=738  lhov=


April 1947 and at Ramore in Timiskaming County in Ontario in Canada several witnesses reported the presence of a giant black unknown type of bird with eyes the size of silver dollars. It had huge talons and a hooked beak and was preying on local livestock. It was definitely not an Eagle according to the witnesses. Remember that the claws of Eagles and Condors are too weak to lift up livestock of any type unless these were herds of Chihuahuas and Pomeranians.This too was never seen before and was never seen again as well. This was the only reported Phenomenal event from this area ever. Was it just flying over on its way to Illinois?


Ramore=80.20W,48.27N,1L=80W48N bb=70  bbattak=17


Late in April 1947 a resident of Merebank, a suburb of Durban, in Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa claimed to have seen a sixty foot long seaserpent near Tiger Rocks on the south coast. At first he thought that it was a reef but realized that he was wrong when the reef undulated. Some bathers also saw it as a flurry in the water and then a black object about a mile from shore.


Merebank=30.58e, 29.58s   2=30e29s   ssp=185    smon=323


On 8th May 1947 Lauri Carlson and L. Panama were rowing around the north point of Pennock Island near Ketchikan in Alaska when they saw ripples on the water near their boat for no known reason.  Then only twentyfive feet away a head like a small cow’s rose up out of the water on a curved neck eight inches long. As it raised its head it stared at the men before looking about and then diving. It showed a row of fins on its back but they could not determine its length.


Pennock Island=131.39w, 55.19n   1L=131w55n   smon=324


On 11th May 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Ross Trubble were fishing near Fall River Mills in Shasta County in California when they saw two smelly Bigfeet walking along the river bank eating fish and reeds and leaving tracks seventeen and a half inches long.


Fall River Mills=121.26w, 41.00n. 2=121w41n  hh=204


Budapest. Hungary. 14th May 1947. At 8.30 pm a spherical object three to four feet in diameter was seen traveling on a southeast to northwest course on a level trajectory. The object was at an altitude of 3,000 feet traveling at 400 miles per hour. There was a tail of flame stretching back three to four metres yet there was no sound. Later that same month silver balls were reported in the skies over the countryside by local peasants. Even in daytime. Witnesses stated that this was no meteor. An erratic energy source?


Budapest = 19.03e, 47.30n 3L=19e47n ufoh=739  lhov=


On 18th May 1947, a Monster with a cowlike head and fins on its back was seen from a small boat near Pennock Island in Security Bay in Alaska. Never before reported and then suddenly reported twice in the same year. No other Phenomena were reported from here ever. Is this a consequence of lack of population or otherwise? There had been a previous watermonster sighting here in April that same year.


Security Bay=134.10W,56.56N. 2L=134W56N. smon=325


On 19th May 1947 personnel at the Del Salto Observatory near Santiago in Chile saw and photographed a strange meteor over Santiago. The object was moving slowly and producing discharges of white smoke at intervals. Near the end of its flight the object suddenly accelerated and flew away.


Santiago= 70.40W,33.27S.1=70W33S=3  lhov=  ufoh=740


On Tuesday 10th June 1947 at 11.00 pm Mrs Coral Lorenzen watched a light rise across the Mexican border, assume a spherical shape and then disappear amongst the stars. The sighting lasted ten seconds and was from Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona.


Douglas= 109.32w, 31.21n. 1=109w31n=5. ufoh=741  lhov=


Around Tuesday, 17th June 1947  Louis Cefola, a Nogales watchmaker, thought he saw discs over the Washington Camp Mountain Range, about twelve miles east of Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Arizona. The number of objects that appeared to be one foot in diameter were unrecorded and resembled a reflection against the sky.


Washington Camp Mountain Range= 111.11w, 31.23n. 1L=111w31n. ufoh=742  lhov=


On Friday 20th June 1947 Mrs Annabel Mobley and her daughter Luanne saw three groups of three discs moving in the sky from south to northeast over Hot Springs, San Miguel County, New Mexico. The discs seemed to be tied together by invisible cords and were turning in a wheel-like circle all at the same rate of revolution.


Hot Springs=105.17w, 35.39n. 2=105w35n.  ufoh=743   lhov=


Some say that this next report is a fraud or an invention.Some call it a classic case. On 21st June 1947, Mr Ronald Dahl and others were sailing off Maury Island in Puget Sound, Pierce County, Washington State. Mr Dahl and the others saw a group of UFOs in the sky from which fell pieces of slag. The slag on analysis was composed of Calcium, Aluminium, Silicone, Iron, Zinc and other elements.The central flying object stayed stationary at five hundred feet while the others circled it. One of these stopped circling and lowered itself to the level of the central ship. Then the dull thud of an explosion was heard in the sky and the stationary ship started spewing out thousands of strips of white, lightweight metallic material which was followed by a shower of stuff like Lava or pumice which was darker and from quite hot to almost molten. When it hit the surface of the bay steam rose up. One of the witness’s sons was hit on the arm by a bit and a dog was hit and killed. There was exceptionally bad static on the ship to shore radio. Just three days before the official start of the Flying Saucer age we have a major sighting nearby. There is controversy over whether this is a hoax or not. All of our data so far is scientifically regarded as erroneous. Remember there is no scientific evidence for any of the Phenomena discussed so far. We have had falling rocks from aerial craft before in 1897. We have had electronic interference during Phenomenal events. We have had strips of unknown material comprising silicas and aluminiums before. We have had precedents including the burning of arms by falling Micrometeorites. But Micrometeorites as far as we know do not fall in strips. It is the time and date that are important, not necessarily what was reported. What is also very important is that if this were a hoax then the area came with an exceptional pedigree for UFOs. In 1896 an Airship was sighted over Tacoma and in 1908 there was a flurry of sightings over Puget Sound, Kent, and Tacoma.


Maury Island=122.30W,47.16N,8=122W47N ufoh=744 lhov=  fobs=132 fartifact=19 fslag=16 ufoattak=


At 3.30 pm on 22nd June 1947 Dr Oliver Dickson with his daughter and a person by the name of A.W. Beck saw an object shaped like a blimp but pointed at both ends, like two pie-pans that were face to face. They were very bright and shiny like chrome and were traveling south in an absolutely straight line over Mount Hamilton near El Paso, El Paso County in Texas. The craft vanished in fifteen seconds over Mexico at 1200 miles per hour. The craft was thirty to forty feet across, five feet thick and at an altitude of three thousand feet over the mountain. The odd craft did not reflect the sun’s rays though it was highly metallic.


El Paso=106.003, 31.45n.  3=106w31n ufoh=745


Shortly before 24th June 1947 a C46 transport plane disappeared in the area of Mount Rainier in the Cascade Range of Washington State. A $5,000 reward was offered to anyone who could find the aircraft.


Mount Rainier, Cascade Range=121.44W,46.51N.1=121W46N=5  dissap=70


On 24th June 1947, between 9.30 pm and 11.00 pm peculiar purple spots of light were seen dancing in the sky above Seattle on Puget Sound in Washington State. This was the same day that Kenneth Arnold made his now famous sighting of the first Flying Saucers over the Cascade Range near Mount Rainier in Pierce County also in Washington State. Today the Flying Saucer age officially began. The first sighting in modern mythology. The seven hundred and forty-sixth UFO sighting since 1800 approximately. June 1947 was to be a very busy month. Not the beginning but only the next part of a very long journey. Maury Island is only one hundred and thirty kilometres away.


Seattle=122.20W,47.35N,9=122W47N . ufoh=746  lhov=


Mineral, Lewis County, Washington State. 24th June 1947. Kenneth Arnold, an Idaho businessman was flying in his monoplane trying to find the lost C46 aircraft that had disappeared in the vicinity of Mount Rainier. At an altitude of 9,200 feet over Mineral he was making a 180 degree turn when a huge bright flash lit up the surface of the aircraft. A moment later there was another flash far to his left and to the north was a formation nine very bright objects coming from the direction of Mount Baker, flying very close to the mountaintops and traveling at very high speed. They were ninety degrees to Arnold’s flight path and he calculated their speed at 1,700 miles per hour. The craft were bobbing up and down at the same time and tipping their wings alternately whilst emitting bright blue white flashes from their surfaces. Arnold landed at Yakima at 4.00 pm and reported the sighting. After Yakima Arnold flew to Pendleton in Oregon where he described what he saw as “like a saucer would if you skipped it across water”. Hence the birth of the term Flying Saucers. Initially Arnold thought that they were secret U.S. weapons or robot creaft like flying bombs. Eventually Arnold decided that they were not local. Was there a connection between the disappearing aircraft, which was never found, and the lights in the sky, the newly dubbed “Flying Saucers”?


Mineral =122.10w, 46.43n  five =122w46n  ufoh=747  




On the Navajo Reservation north of Gallup, New Mexico, in McKinely County, Mrs B. A. Tillery and her mother saw an object resembling a large glowing star in broad daylight that vanished to the southeast around 6.30 to 7.00 pm on Wednesday 25th June 1947.


Navajo Reservation= 108.46w, 35.42n. 1=108w35n=2. ufoh=748  lhov=


Later that same day 25th June 1947 Dr R. F. Sensenbaugher, a dentist, his wife and her sister Mrs C. B. Munroe saw a disc-shaped object approaching from the north over Silver City, Grant County, New Mexico. The object vanished to the south and was the size of a half full moon and very bright. The sighting was at 8.00 pm.


Silver City= 108.16w, 32.46n. 2=108w32n  ufoh=749  lhov=


Mrs Leon Oetinger was visiting the Grand Canyon in Coconino County, Arizona on Thursday 26th June 1947 when she spotted a large silver ball that was falling too swiftly for an aeroplane in her sight for almost one minute. Two other witnesses were her son Dr Leon Oetinger Jr and Miss Carol Street.


Grand Canyon=111.56w, 35.58n. 3=111w35n  ufoh=750  lhov=


At 9.50 am on Friday 27th June 1947 Mr Albert J. Beevers, general yardmaster for the Santa Fe Railway in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, saw a pale blue ball to the southeast. The object dropped rapidly from an angle of forty-five degrees and disappeared behind some buildings and trees.


Albuquerque= 106.38w, 35.05n. 1=106w35n=12 ufoh=751  lhov=  ufol=


That same day Friday 27th June 1947 at the same time, 9.50 am, Mrs W. B. Cummings was driving south on the main highway five miles south of San Antonio, Socorro County, New Mexico, when she saw a falling silver object that was blindingly bright and shiny fall to earth behind some trees to the east. The object left a short white trail.


San Antonio= 106.52w, 33.52n. 1=106w33n=6. ufoh=752   lhov=  ufol=


Pope Siding, Socorro County, New Mexico. 27th June 1947. Three days after the Arnold sighting at 9.50 am Mr W. C. Dobbs saw a white glowing UFO hovering over the town about eighteen miles south of San Antonio. He reported it to the Authorities. Ho hum already and UFOs had only been invented by the Press three days before hadn’t they? But don’t they seem just a little bit familiar to us as well? After all we had accounted for approximately 753 UFO sightings worldwide since 1800 that were actually documented in this series! Odd how these last three sightings were all at the same time in the same area?


Pope Siding=106.58w, 33.37n. 2=106w33n. ufoh=753  lhov=   


Hollis O. Cummins’ mother stated that she saw a shiny object streak through the sky over Capitan, Lincoln County, New Mexico, around 10.00 am on 27th June 1947. This object was also seen by a neighbor, Mr Ern Dill heading in the same direction at the same time, believing it to have landed on Wilson Hill to the south west.


Capitan= 105.34w, 33.32n. 1=105w33n=5. ufoh=754  ufol=  lhov=


St Augustine Pass, near White Sands, Dona Ana County, New Mexico. 27th June 1947. Just minutes after the Pope sighting, Captain E. B. Detchmendy saw a white glowing UFO hovering over White Sands Missile Range and reported it to his Commanding Officer. The object resembled a ball of fire and had been seen whilst the witness was driving through the pass.


White Sands=106.35W,32.26N.1=106W32N=16. ufoh=755  lhov=


Still on that same day 27th June 1947 Mrs David Appelzoller saw a white object resembling an electric light bulb with a yellow flame streaming out of its rear coming out of the northeast and heading for White Sands Proving Ground. This was around 10.00 am in Mesilla Valley, near San Miguel in Dona Ana County in New Mexico.


Mesilla Valley= 106.44w,32.09n.  2=106w32n.   ufoh=756  lhov=


It is still the 27th June 1947, and above Tintown, near Bisbee in Coshise County in southern Arizona, at 10.30 am Mr. John A Petsche, an electrician at Phelps-Dodge Corp as well as one other witness independently reported a disc-shaped object overhead that came to earth near Tintown around 10.30 am.


Tintown= 109.53w, 31.24n.  2=109w31n.  ufoh=757  ufol=


Still on the morning of 27th June 1947 at 10.30 am George B. Wilcox, retired Army Major, saw eight or nine discs in the sky near Warren in Lea County, New Mexico, just south of Hobbs. The objects were perfectly spaced one behind the other and traveling at terrific speed, passing over in intervals of three seconds. They were all the same size and would flash and then disappear with the speed of lightning.


Warren=103.08w, 32.36n.  2=103w32n   ufoh=758  lhov=


On 27th June 1947 a Washington State housewife saw discs like silver plates flying over the Cascade Mountains where Arnold had seen them.


Cascade Range=121.44W,46.51N.1=121W46N=5  ufoh=


On Saturday 28th June 1947 at 5.00 pm Mrs Alda Sheets and Mrs K. L. Bickel and her daughter saw two aerial objects traveling west to east at a high rate of speed soon followed by a third. The Bickel daughter at first thought that she was seeing the moon. It became confusing when there were eventually three moons. This was over Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico.


Santa Fe= 105.57w, 35.41n.  3=105w35n. ufoh=759  lhov=


On the night of  28th June 1947 Aubrey Gregg and some friends were driving along Border Hill near Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico, when they say a brilliant bluish light flashing off and on at regular intervals high in the sky. The object was traveling very fast but not as fast as a falling star and was visible for five seconds before disappearing over the horizon.


Roswell=104.31w, 33.23n. 1=104w33n=9.  ufoh=760 lhov=


A pilot reported a flying saucer sighting over Lake Mead, Clark County, Nevada on 28th June 1947.


Lake Mead=114.25w, 36.10n.  1L=114w36n  ufoh


There was a flying saucer sighting over Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama on 28th June 1947. The bright light zigzagged at high speed and made a sharp right angle turn before disappearing.


Montgomery= 86.18w, 32.22n   2=86w32n  ufoh=


In the sky over Rockfield, Washington County, Wisconsin, a farmer saw some blue, soundless discs flying over his farm on 28th June 1947.


Rockfield= 88.07w, 43.15n  3=88w43n ufoh=


It is now Sunday 29th June 1947 and late morning and it has still not let up in New Mexico. At Cliff, Grant County, New Mexico, rancher Arthur Howard saw a shiny object fall in broken country. A search by two pilots saw nothing but they reported passing through a layer of stinking air. Was this a sulphurous emission?


Cliff= 108.36w, 32.57n.  3=108w32n. ufoh=761  ufol=  meto=234  fsulphur=19   lhov=


Still the 29th June 1947 and over Tucson, in Pima County, Arizona, Charles O. Weaver and his wife reported seeing nine or ten very shiny metallic objects moving in a southwesterly direction. Two of them were faster than the others and they were out of sight within a few minutes. This was at 1.20 pm.


Tucson= 110.58w, 32.13n.  1=110w32n=7.  ufoh=762  lhov=


During the afternoon of 29th June 1947 Luis Bazurto and Armando Macias were sitting with their families in their front yard when they saw six discs fly in at speed from the west and disappear to the northeast. The objects were the size and shape of a large dinner plate and flew in circles, first in one direction and then in another. The noise of neighborhood youths had attracted his attention to the objects. This was at Camp Little, Santa Cruz County, Arizona, just northwest of Nogales.


Camp Little=110.57w, 31.25n. 4=110w31n  ufoh=763  lhov=


Still on the 29th June 1947 and fifteen to twenty miles from Las Cruces, on the road to White Sands Proving Ground, Dr C. J. Zohn, Curtis C. Rockwood and John R. Kauke, all Naval rocket experts, as well as Mrs Rockwood, spotted a bright silver disc in the east traveling straight and north at an altitude of ten thousand feet. The witnesses believed it to be traveling faster than sound and it had no projections and was flat and elliptical in shape. One witness saw a vapour trail and then suddenly it vanished in mid-flight in a clear blue sky.


White Sands Proving Ground= 106.32w, 32.26n.  3=106w32n. ufoh=764  lhov=


That same day 29th June 1947 a couple from Smyer, in Hockley County near Lubbock in Texas, saw a disc about the size of the moon moving in a southwest direction.


Smyer= 102.09w, 33.35n.  1=102w33n=12.  ufoh=765


Still that same day 29th June 1947 and at El Paso, El Paso County, Texas, Mr. And Mrs R. C. Burgess saw a silver coloured top-shaped object something like a balloon and blindingly bright traveling north at high speed and then seemed to melt into the sky in about ten minutes. This was around 4.00 pm. A blinding high-speed balloon?


El Paso= 106.28w, 31.45n.  4=106w31n  ufoh=766  lhov=


Still the 29th June 1947 and in San Angelo in Tom Green County in Texas Mrs Victor L. Salter and her thirteen year old son saw a disc-shaped slowly revolving object that was descending and was the size of a wash-tub. Suddenly it shot up at an unbelievable speed and disappeared.


San Angelo= 100.26w, 31.27n.  1L=100w31n ufoh=767  lhov= ufol=  ufoto=


On Monday 30th June 1947, a railroad worker named Price saw thirteen silvery disc-shaped objects traveling one over the other over Albuquerque. They were heading south but suddenly changed course to the east and then reversed to the west before disappearing. Price had alerted the neighborhood who had also seen the craft manouvre overhead.


Albuquerque= 106.38w, 35.05n.  2=106w35n ufoh=768  lhov=  


Also on Monday 30th June 1947 Mrs. Helen Hardin saw a flying saucer from her front porch that was traveling east to west at high speed. The object was slightly yellowish and half the size of the full moon and she watched it for six seconds. Eventually the craft that appeared low in the sky went to ground outside of town. The object did not fall as fast as a meteor and made a whirlwind motion as it approached the ground. This sighting was at Tucumcari in Quay County in New Mexico at 11.00 pm.


Tucumcari= 103.43w, 35.10n.  1=103w35n=3   ufoh=769 ufol=  lhov=


Maffra, Victoria. Australia. Winter. July 1947. A woman driving home with her son almost collided with a dazzling golden ball that was hovering just above the road. The woman could not stop the car and felt buffeted by a wind. At the point of impact the ball seemed to roll to one side over a high embankment and vanished behind a tall crop of maize. Even in Australia, thousands of miles away the supposedly nonexistent or only recently discovered UFOs were being seen.


Maffra=146.59E,37.58S.1=146E37S=4. ufoh=770  lhov= ufoattak=97


Straits of Madagascar. Mombasa-Capetown. 1st July 1947. 11.00 pm. A UFO approached the Steamship “Llanderovy Castle" at an altitude of fifty feet and paced it. Initially it had a searchlight which went out. The object itself then became visible. It was cylindrical, metallic and five times as long as it’s in diameter with no windows or portholes and it was three  to four times longer than the ship or one thousand feet long with a 200 foot diameter. The sighting lasted 60 seconds before the craft went up to a one thousand feet altitude with great orange streams of flame shooting out of its rear. Then the craft leapt forward and vanished. Even as far away as the Straits of Mombasa there were sightings of these supposedly new aerial objects. Had the printed media of the day such a fast dissemination rate as this? Even out to ships at sea?



Dhubri, Assam, India. 1954. 1st October. A woman saw a luminous plate land in a field and then takeoff again. Ho-hum. Previously at Goalpara, near here, in 1867 a single piece of coal fell from the sky.


Dhubri=90.00E,26.01N. 2L=90E26N. lhov= ufoh=927  ufol=144


Bry, Nord, France. 1st October 1954. Friday. A man and his dog were paralysed when a luminous object swooped down out of the sky at them. They don’t seem to like dogs. Except maybe as snacks.


Bry=3.41E,50.19N,6=3E50N, lhov= ufoh=928  ufoattak=209 


Royan, Charente-Maritime, France. 1st October 1954. Friday. Two witnesses in a car saw a small Hominoid cross the road in front of them. It then went into the woods. There was a UFO in sight at the time. Ho-hum again.


Royan=1.02W,45.38N,1=1W45N=3. lhov= ufoh=929  ufol=145 ufohom=140


Bergerac, Dordogne, France. 1st October 1954. Friday. The witness found himself paralysed. There was a peculiar whistling sound and a disc three  metres in diameter that had been sitting on three  legs in the yard took off with a rush of air. What does one say?


 Bergerac=0.29E,44.50N,2=0E44N      lhov= ufoh=930 ufol=146 ufoattak=210


Jussey, Haute-Saone, France. 1st October 1954.  Friday. Two young men saw a white luminous disc which swooped down out of the sky and landed on the ground.A pair of very tall beings got out of it and made gestures that the witnesses did not stay around to analyse or interpret for they had fled in fear for their lives.Sensible witnesses.


Jussey=5.55W,47.49N,2L=5W47N lhov= ufoh=931  ufol=147 ufohom=141 contact=52


Between Blanzy and Montceau-les-Mines, Saone-et-Loire, France. 1st October 1954. Two bricklayers saw a cigar-shaped craft land and then take off as they approached it. It was on the road for while and made a noise like a soft whistling. Were they trying to get in touch?


Blanzy=4.23E,46.42N. 4=4E46N. lhov= ufoh=932  ufol=148


Ressons-sur-Matz, Oise, France. 1st October 1954. A farmer saw a white object in a field. Were they touring?


Ressons-sur-Matz=2.45E,49.33N.4=2E49N lhov= ufoh=933  ufol=149


Branges, Saone-et-Loire, France. 1st October 1954. Evening. A man on the side of the road saw a lighted object that had a flat section with a sort of mushroom on the top. As the witness approached it the object became dark and took off with a soft whistling sound. They stay around just long enough to be seen and then they vanish again.


Branges=5.11E,46.38N.2=5E46N. lhov= ufoh=934  ufol=150


Jonches, near Auxerres, Yonne, France. 2nd October 1954. Two Hominoids were seen on the ground and two hours later a sphere was observed hovering at a very low altitude.


Jonches= 3.35E,47.48N. 3L=3E47N. lhov= ufoh=935  ufol=151 ufohom=142


Louhans, near Branges, Saone-et-Loire, France. 2nd October 1954. A craft with a dome on top was on the ground between the road and the Railroad tracks. There were openings in it through which strong yellow light could be seen. Do I have to make awitty or sardonic comment for every sighting?


Louhans=5.13E,46.37N. 3=5E46N. lhov= ufoh=936  ufol=152


Croix-d’Epines, Eure, Upper Normandy. France. 2nd October 1954. A young mechanic on a motorscooter saw a brilliant illuminated object like an egg land on the left side of the road only fifteen metres from him. He saw short dark shapes like potato bags moving about the object and the witness sped to the top of the hill and looked back. The object was the size of a small bus and its’ colour had changed from orange to blue to bluegrey before it took off. The witness was in a state of shock and there were two women independent witnesses as well. The plastic bags with eyes are back again!


Croix-d’Epines=0.35E,49.12N. 5L=0E49N lhov= ufoh=937  ufol=153 ufohom=143


Poncey-sur-Lignon, near Saint Seine-l’Abbeye. Cote-d’Or, France. 2nd October 1954. 8.00 pm. Mrs Guainet was milking cows in a byre when her dogs, which normally stayed near her, rushed out to the woods baying. She followed them and twenty yards from the house in a meadow a luminous body was hovering to the right of a Plum tree. A hole was found there where the Earth had been sucked out and not dug. The hole was wider at the bottom than at the top and was egg-shaped. Rough landing? Not quite where it was meant to go?


Poncey-sur-Lignon=4.48E, 47.26N.1=4E47N=5. lhov= ufoh=938  ufol=154 ufoattak=211 lmarks=22


Guebling, Moselle, France. 2nd October 1954. Two witnesses saw a disc with a weak green glow land in a field. Still boring.


Guebling=6.42E,48.50N. 3=6E48N. lhov= ufoh=939  ufol=155


On 2nd October 1954 two snail-like flying saucers were seen hovering over Perth in Western Australia for a period of two minutes. The tails of the two objects appeared to propel the objects with a snail-like motion.


Perth= 115.52e, 31.57s 3=115e31s  ufoh=


Vrons, Somme, France. 3rd October 1954.  Sunday. 6.45 pm. Bernard Devoisin,18, and Rene Coudette,18, were riding bicycles on Route D-27,2.5 miles from Ligescourt when they saw a UFO like a honeycomb. It was orange, circular and six foot high and there was a Hominoid in a divingsuit near it. The witnesses were only 220 feet from the craft when it took off into the sky. The giant honeycomb would reappear again over the years.


Vrons=1.46E,50.19N,2=1E50N. lhov= ufoh=940  ufol=156 ufohom=144 ufoto=36


Benier, near Nessier, Vendee, France. 3rd October 1954. A man and his wife and two other men saw a luminous object land and then take off as the witnesses approached it. Coming and going.


 Benier= 0.42W,46.30N. 4=0W46N lhov= ufoh=941  ufol=157 ufoto=37


Lievin, Lorette Plateau, Pas-de-Calais, France. 3rd October 1954. 9.25 pm. Jean Lecoq saw an elongated object swinging slightly in the sky at a low altitude. He called other people and soon there were 100 witnesses who saw part of the object detach itself from the bottom of the rounded craft before it rapidly descended. It landed and then rose again and reunited took off to the south. The cigar was having babies again.


Lievin=2.48E,50.25N.3=2E50N. lhov= ufoh=942  ufol=158


Chereng, Nord, France. 3rd October 1954. A crowd at a fair saw a luminous object arrive very fast and suddenly stop in its flight. It emitted sparks and came down towards the ground and then took off as witnesses rushed to the scene. Tedious.


 Chereng=3.10E,50.36N. 7=3E50N. lhov= ufoh=943 ufol=159


Ronsenac, between Montmoreau and Villebois-Lavalette, Ain, France. 3rd October 1954. A circular craft seemed to be sliding on the ground. It showed some luminous sources as it was not completely illuminated. As it took off it became entirely illuminated. Was this one a learner?


 Ronsenac=5.26E,45.51N. 9=5E45N. lhov= ufoh=944  ufol=160


Bressuire, Poitou-Charente, France. 3rd October 1954. Sunday. Dawn. A 55 year old man saw a circular machine three  metres in diameter. A small Hominoid in a divingsuit appeared, entering the craft and vanishing into the sky very fast. Ho-hum.


Bressuire=0.30W,46.50N.5L=0W46N. lhov= ufoh=945  ufol=161 ufohom=145


Poncey-sur-Lignon, near Saint Seine-l’Abbeye. Cote-d’Or, France. 4th October 1954.  Monday. 8.00 pm . Yvette Fourneret and her son saw a luminous body three  yards in diameter and orange coloured and they fled to the neighbours. With the neighbours they armed themselves and then went out to investigate. At first it seemed as if there was nothing to investigate but they soon came across a hole about 57 inches long by 27 inches wide at one end and twenty inches at the other. The Earth seemed to have been sucked out of it and was nowhere to be found. White worms were wriggling where the soil had been. During the incident all the neighborhood dogs had gone mad. Earth collecting again?


Poncey-sur-Lignon=4.48E, 47.26N. 2=4E47N. lhov= ufoh=946  ufol=162 ufoattak=212


Limoges, Haute-Vene, France. 4th October 1954. A UFO landed in the yard of Mr Montagne, a Railroad employee. They like Railways too.


Limoges=1.15E,46.40N.2L=1E46N. lhov= ufoh=947  ufol=163


Lezignan-Corbieres, between Lagrasse and Villemagne, Aude, France. 4th October 1954. Two men in a truck saw a luminous flying object hovering close to the ground then suddenly take off with a burst of light. They also like trucks.


Lezignan-Corbieres=2.46E,43.12N. 1=2E43N=3.lhov= ufoh=948  ufol=164 ufoto=38


Les Chavannes, near Montceau-Les-Mines, Saone-et-Loire, France. 4th October 1954. Twenty witnesses saw a circular luminous object land and then take off from the Railroad tracks. Apart from their liking for railroads they sometimes resemble small trucks.


Les Chavannes=4.23E, 46.40N. 5=4E46N. lhov= ufoh=949  ufol=165 ufoto=39


Chaleix, Dordogne, France. 4th October 1954.  Monday. Mr Garreau and his dog saw an object the size of a small truck which landed in a field. A door slid open and a pair of normal looking beings came out wearing brown coveralls. They asked the witness “Paris, North?”, shook hands with him, patted the dog and re-entered the craft which then took off. The UFO was described as being round. The witness was not regarded as insane. In this case they were lost. How do you travel across the Universe and then ask for directions? It’s easy. Haven’t you asked for directions in a strange City before after making a very long journey?


Chaleix=0.57E,45.31N,4=0E45N, lhov= ufoh=950  ufol=166 ufohom=146 contact=53


Villers-le-Tilleul, Ardennes, France. 4th October 1954. A child,10, named Bertiaux, saw an oval object shaped like a tent land. An unknown Hominoid was standing near it. Tent-shaped?


Villers-le-Tilleul=5.49E, 49.28N.3=5E49N. lhov= ufoh=951  ufol=167 ufohom=147


Mezieres, Ardennes, France. 4th October 1954. Dawn. A Policeman saw a flying object that took off from the ground at dawn. You think that it is boring thinking of something interesting to write? Try collating it all originally in chronological order and at the same time trying to sort the wheat from the chaff and also checking for duplications or misdates. and then try to be continually witty and amusing so that your readers don’t die of terminal boredom in parts of the exercise. Fortunately it gets better.


Mezieres=4.44E,49.46N. 1=4E49N=2. lhov= ufoh=952  ufol=168 ufoto=40


Mertrud, between Voillecomte and La Neuville, near Wassy, Haute Marne, France. 5th October 1954. Tuesday. Mr Narcy,48, a father of seven and a roadmender saw a UFO near the road. A Hairy Hominoid was seen to enter it and it took off. There were traces of a nest where it was reported to have landed. Something had landed there and there were traces of the craft found on the road. It was reported to the Police in Wassy. A Hairy Hominoid getting into a UFO? Funny if it were original but it is not. We have been there before. Twice in Wales. The first time in 1909 in March when Monkeylike creatures came out of a grounded Airship carrying a searchlight and later on 18th May , also in 1909, at Caerphilly when Mr Lethbridge saw two men clad in furs, with furry hoods, get into an Airship that took off at the sight of him. In 1952 near Frametown, West Virginia, three witnesses were in a car that suddenly stalled. The husband got out to investigate a strange light in the woods. From the woods appeared a Hairy Hominoid who circled the car and then went back into the woods. Shortly after a sphere of light leaving a luminous trail was seen ascending into the sky. There had been a strange sulphurous smell in the air at the time. This too is not unusual with some of our Phenomena. What are the obvious features? Hairy manlike creatures?Lights in the sky? A sulphurous smell? We would meet them again in the future as well.


Mertrud=4.53E,48.25N,5=4E48N . lhov= ufoh=953  ufol=169 ufohom=148 ufoattak=213  lmarks=23


Loctudy, Finistere, France. 5th October 1954. Tuesday. The local Baker was drawing water from a well and saw a three  metre wide UFO land. From it emerged a dwarf with a hairy oval face and eyes as large as a Raven’s eggs. The dwarf touched the witness on the shoulders and spoke to him in an incomprehensible language before getting back into the craft and taking off. The big-eyed incomprehensible Alien is back. This one had a hairy face. I told you we would meet them again in the future.


Loctudy=4.11W,47.50N,1=4W47N=3, lhov= ufoh=954  ufol=170 ufohom=149 contact=54 ufoattak=214


La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France. 5th October 1954.  11.00 pm. Mr and Mrs Guillemoteau saw a machine two to three  metres tall and with a diameter of five metres that rose vertically after hovering for a few minutes. Oily traces or marks were left on the ground and on the grass. Ho-hum.


La Rochelle=1.10W,46.10N. 2=1W46N. lhov= ufoh=955  ufol=171 ufoattak=215  lmarks=24


Beaumont, Puy-de-Dome, Auvergne, France. 5th October 1954. 3.45 pm. Ten kilometres south from Clermont-Ferrand several witnesses saw a machine lose its luminousity as it approached them. When it was 150 metres away the witnesses felt a curious sensation and were paralysed to the spot. There was also an odour in the air like Nitrobenzene. First Sulphur? Now Nitrobenzene? Are our noses interpreting as well? Noses can also hallucinate as well so we still cannot take them as Gospel either.

Beaumont=3.05E,45.45N.3=3E45N. lhov= ufoh=956  ufol=172 ufoattak=216


Mouchamp, Vendee, France. 6th October 1954.  Dusk. Two persons from Paris saw a circular craft like a fiery sphere landing. No smell?


Mouchamp=1.04W,46.47N. 3=1W46N. lhov= ufoh=957  ufol=173


La Fere, Aisne, France. 6th October 1954.  Near the Military Barracks several Soldiers saw a strange luminous object land 300 metres away. As one Soldier approached it he became mysteriously unable to move. Even with paralysis it’s still boring.


La Fere=3.21E,49.40N.1=3E49N=5. lhov= ufoh=958  ufol=174 ufoattak=217



Yorba Linda, Orange County, California. 4th January 1967. The family of a boy named Tom saw a huge silvery football shaped thing that made a hissing noise and floated Eastward. What really is the difference between a hissing silvery football and a giant bird? Is it nothing?


Yorba Linda=117.48W, 33.53N. 9=117W33N. lhov=  ufoh=1872  ufol=754


Point Pleasant, Mason County, West Virginia. 11th January 1967.  5.00 pm. Mrs McDaniel saw a Bigbird in broad daylight. At first she thought it was a small plane flying down the road at treetop level but as it drew closer she realised it was a manshaped object with wings which swooped low over her head and circled “Tiny’s", a nearby restaurant before vanishing. The Bigbird had no head or neck and made no sound. All was still busy in West Virginny.


Point Pleasant=82.07W,38.53N.28=82W38N. hombird=58 bb=152


Aveyron, France. 11th January 1967.  The son of the woman in the earlier Aveyron sighting saw a shell landing near the house and drove near it. The luminous shell was very large and two small spheres entered it whereon it became very bright and the witness heard a whistling sound. Then the UFO vanished after tilting at 45 degrees. Another object then came which was  disc shaped and had two transparent cupolas on it, green light inside it and an odd light around it. It looked like there were two Hominoids inside  it that were wearing green coveralls trimmed with white. The object was hovering with a forward and backward, pitching and rolling motion. Then the witness felt a wave of heat and was paralysed as long as the wave hit him. After a week the witness started sleeping twenty hours a day and occasionally felt paralysed but still conscious. At times he was occasionally struck mute. The witness believed that he met Spacemen in his dreams and that he would write a book though he was functionally illiterate. Does it all sound so unusual after all? Previously there had been a UFO spitting out Angelhair over Gaillac in 1952, at Figeac on September 27,1954. there was a rather odd box on the ground with a strange man standing next to it, at Montbazens on 11th October . same year, a round craft landed and then took off from a pasture near Montbazens, on 27th October cigar shapes and discs were seen flying in zigzag movements over Gaillac as well as spewing out Angelhair, this is twice for Gaillac, and in 1966 a woman on an isolated property in Aveyron saw what appeared to be mysterious fires on her property which actually were one large light which entered another even larger light like a fiery tree or illuminated shell and then vanished like a lightswitch had been flicked.


Aveyron=2.40E,44.15N. 6L=2E44N. lhov=  ufoh=1873  ufol=755 ufoattak=670 ufohom=365


Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts. 15th January 1967. 3.00 am. Over a country pond a witness saw a bright red oval object looking like an upside down saucer with a white glowing rim which approached and circled his house. Ho-hum.


Boxford=70.59W,42.39N.72=70W42N. lhov=  ufoh=1874  ufol=756


Shelbyville, Shelby County, Kentucky. 15th January 1967. 9.00 pm. A male teenager saw an erratically moving bright light southeast of town. The light was elongated, almost cylindrical and was soon joined by another one. Both hovered over the one spot and then vanished. Fifty minutes later a power failure threw most of the City into darkness. Just before the blackout a soft blue light was seen over the substation. Several residents claimed to have seen the unusual craft over their houses. What else is new?


Shelbyville=85.13W,38.12N. 10=85W38N. lhov=  ufoh=1875  ufol=757 ufoattak=671


Freetown, Jackson County, Indiana. 17th January 1967. 9.30 pm. Mr and Mrs Phil Patton were in their car when a UFO swooped down at them. It was silent and the Patton’s  had a queer cold feeling. The object blinded them and then took off to the north. Mr Patton’s eyes were very sore from flashing lights. Conjunctivitis again. A very difficult symptom to fake I would believe.


Freetown=86.09W, 38.59N. 3=86W38N. lhov=  ufoh=1876 ufol=758 ufoattak=672


Freetown, Jackson County, Indiana. 17th January 1967. 9.30 pm. Mr Francis Bedel Junior was driving south on Highway 135 five miles from town when he saw a bright light in the sky that came rapidly out of the north and approached his car. Francis lost control of his car and ended up in a ditch. The disc was oscillating with red, yellow, blue and white lights on it and was thirty feet in diameter. All seems normal if odd for the 17th January around Freetown.


Freetown=86.09W, 38.59N. 4=86W38N. lhov=  ufoh=1877  ufol=759 ufoattak=673


Williamstown, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. 18th January 1967. Four witnesses saw a flash in the sky preceding a power failure. Soon after they saw a lighted domed object near the ground on the opposite bank of the Green River. When the witnesses drove away to find help the red glowing object buzzed them. Another powerfailure in connection with a UFO sighting? Strange enough one might say. What is even stranger is that many areas in Massachusetts have phenomenal numbers of Phenomenal sightings yet this area has a history of four in total. Including this latest one these are daynight over Albany in 1881, an Airship in 1908 over Pittsfield and at Waterford on July 13,1965, a UFO was seen hovering over powerlines during a huge blackout of New York State as well as the local area.


Williamstown=73.13W,42.42N. 6=73W42N. lhov=  ufoh=1878  ufol=760 ufoattak=674


Dunbar, Kanawha County, West Virginia, 19th January 1967. Thursday. A large metal sphere was seen hovering above a road. It was twenty feet in diameter and the colour of dull Aluminium and was on top of four legs that seemed to have castors on them. The craft also had a nine inch in diameter window and an idling propellor underneath that began to spin rapidly just before the UFO rose and then vanished into the sky. Later huge tracks of an animal that must have weighed several hundred pounds were found. They came from and led to nowhere. There was also a single giant Human footprint. Did they stop their flight to give Fido Stellaris a walk? Interstellar petwalking again? Other than that pretty ordinary.


Dunbar=81.46W,38.23N,10=81W38N. lhov=  ufoh=1879  ufol=761 ufoattak=675 ufohom=366 ufoanim=3


Methuen, Essex County, Massachusetts. 20th January 1967. Miss Kimberly Lodge, Ellen Kenney and Janice Shafer, all students, were  in a car when they saw a string of nine to ten glowing red lights up ahead over a field to their left. The object stopped and spun around on its’ axis. Now there were different lights and configuration. Kim pulled the car over whereupon it stalled and the radio and headlights went out. The object was hovering 100 feet up about 300 feet away. There were four glowing lights that formed a trapezoid, two red lights on top and two white lights on the base that were blinking slightly. The object was as big as a house. The generator lamp on the car’s dashboard was pulsating on and off. The object then vanished and everything came back on again and the engine started on its own. There were several individual witnesses of the UFO in the area. Normal again. Almost prepatterned in a way. But why should this part of Massachusetts at 71west 42 North have such a large number of sightings so far at 56 and growing and the previous part of Massachusetts at 73 West 42 North that we visited only just before have a total history of four? Are there more loonies in one area compared to another or is one area just a bit weirder in general than the other?


Methuen=71.13W,42.43N,56=71W42N. lhov=  ufoh=1880  ufol=762 ufoattak=676


Yorba Linda, Orange County, California. 24th January 1967. Tom, the boy from the earlier sighting, was upstairs doing his homework. It was raining and when he glanced outside he saw a peculiar top hat shaped object hovering over the houses across the street. Tom grabbed a camera and took a snapshot photograph and then ran downstairs to call his parents. The object had vanished by then. The object was metallic, had a dull black surface and did not reflect light. Four slender legs extended from its bottom side. Tom’s family had seen the same odd craft only recently in the same spot on 4th January .


Yorba Linda=117.48W,33.53N. 10=117W33N. lhov=  ufoh=1881  ufol=763


South Ashburnham, Worcester County, Massachusetts. 25th January 1967. Betty Andreasson saw a pinkish glow outside her house. Then a number of Alien beings came in through a closed wooden door. When the beings entered the house the other members of the family lapsed into a coma. Betty was a devout Christian Fundamentalist and thought they were Angels. They weren’t. She and the group leader exchanged greetings. She asked if they would like something to eat. They could only eat burned food. Betty gave the Hominoid a copy of the family Bible and the leader, called Quazgaa, gave Betty a thin blue book. Betty was then floated out of the door toward the craft. The bottom of the saucer became transparent. Once inside she was subject to painful physical examination. Had a needle put into her navel. Same as Betty Hill. A probe was pushed up her nose as well. She was placed in a chair inside a plastic bubble that was then filled with liquid. Air hoses were connected to her nose and mouth. Apparently taken to another World. Given message of peace and warning by Aliens. She returned home. No memory of events after seeing lights in backyard. She recalled her father looking through the windows and seeing creatures that reminded him of Halloween freaks. Betty claimed other encounters from 1944 onwards. The Aliens were small creatures with bald pear-shaped heads. Large, slanted black eyes. Three fingers on each hand. Four feet tall. Blue coveralls. Insignia of bird on sleeve. Leader of group had one white eye and one black eye. Also another creature three feet tall with two arms and two legs but no head. Had eyes at ends of long stalks that could move independently. Slugcreatures again? Oddly enough there was also a sluglike creature that was consumed by fire and then rose again as a big bird. Delusions or alleged realities? And in an area with a very high number of Phenomenal sightings? This is one thing that Betty would not have known which gives greater credence to her undergoing a Phenomenal event. She possibly had a better than average chance being in that place at that particular time.


South Ashburnham=71.56W,42.36N. 57=71W42N. lhov=  ufoh= 1882 ufol=764 ufoattak=677 ufohom=367  contact=87


Osorno, Chile. late January 1967. A man trekking in a forest saw a beam of light and a UFO. He became paralysed. Then a Humanlike form appeared from thin air that was 4.5 feet tall and wore a wrinkle free translucent suit. And this witness was just Lucky.


Osorno=73.14W,40.35S.1L=73W40S lhov=  ufoh= 1883 ufol=765 ufoattak=678 ufohom=368


Malta, Philips County, Montana. January 1967. A Farmer and his wife were awakened by the barking of their dog. Then they saw a large rectangular object with red and amber lights moving rapidly in the distance that finally landed in a nearby field. Nothing much ever happens in Montana unlike Brooksville, recently.


Malta=107.52W,48.21N. 1L=107W48N. lhov=  ufoh= 1884 ufol=766


Brooksville, Bradford County, Florida, near Weeki Wachi Springs. January 1967. A huge hairy skulking thing was seen in the backyard of a house. Left strange Hominoid tracks and was not a bear.


Brooksville=82.25W,28.33N,12=82W28N  hh=514


Near New Port Richey, near Elfers, Pasco County, Florida, near Anclote River. January 1967.  Four teenagers were in a car in Lovers Lane when one of the two female witnesses complained of an unpleasant smell. As the others took deep breaths and smelt a powerful, stifling, nauseating odour an animal the size of an ape suddenly sprang onto the hood of the car. The creature was a greenish colour with glowing green eyes. One of the witnesses started the motor in panic and the hairy manbeast  jumped off and ran into the woods. The four in the car tore back to the dance that they were supposed to be at. A Police Officer later found an unidentified green sticky substance on the right side and the hood of the car which he scraped off with his penknife.


New Port Richey=83.51W,28.11N,3L=83W28N. hh=515    hhattak=137


Anclote River, near Elfers, Pasco County, Florida. January 1967. Several hunters spotted a huge, hairy apelike figure walking along the Anclote River. The hunters were so frightened that they ran away from the creature without even thinking of using the highpowered rifles that they were carrying. Something is definitely roaming around in this particular area and a group of well seasoned hunters would definitely know what a bear looked like and would have welcomed the arrival as a possible addition to their trophy cabinet rather than running away in fear!


Anclote River=82.40W,28.30N.13=82W28N. hh=516


Anclote River, near Elfers, Pasco County, Florida. January 1967. The “Abominable Sandman” as the locals began to call it was seen several times by individual witnesses, campers, hikers and motorists. The creatures were seen along the Highway and sometimes approached the witnesses. The reported creatures were six to seven feet tall, very heavily covered with long hair often of a greenish tint and emmitting terrible odour.  Could anyone suggest a decent shampoo and conditioner?


Anclote River=82.40W, 28.30N. 14=82W28N. hh=517


Wildwood Inn, Trinity County, California. Near Mount Shasta. January 1967. Bob Kelley heard a strange moaning noise from outside and saw a Bigfoot that was dark brown with  silver tipped hair, a flat nose and no hair on its face or hands looking into his house through a window.  


Trinity Centre=122.43W,41.01N, 5=122W41N. hh=518


On 2nd February 1967 seven people saw a small football-shaped object that was bright red and falling very slowly over Cremorne in Sydney in New South Wales in Australia. The object fell to the west and was watched through binoculars before it fell behind some trees. It was not seen to reappear again and nothing was found of it. Where did it go?


Cremorne= 151.14e, 33.50s  38=151e33s  ufoh=


On 6th February 1967  Ruth Ford sighted two fast-moving cigar-shaped aerial craft that each had two small propellers on them and a row of windows whilst she was driving between Deming and Las Cruces in Dona Ana County in New Mexico.


Las Cruces=107.30W,32.15N. 13=106W32N ufoh=


Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Sierra Madre Orientale. 7th February 1967. Tuesday. A titanium sphere fell from the sky. Ours or theirs or whose?


Monterey=100.20W,25.40N, 1L=100W25N. lhov=  ufoh= 1885 ufocrash=108 ufoattak=679


Tularosa, Otero County, New Mexico. 10th February 1967. 4.30 am. Richard Martinez of Tucumcari was driving home from Alamogordo when he saw a round bottomed metallic object with a domed top hovering beside Highway 54, twenty-five miles north of Tularosa. There were three lights attached to the outer circumference and one greenish coloured light blinking on and off. He reported the sighting to the Police. This is New Mexico, home of frequent Meteor Falls, and occasional UFOs. Previously in this area there had been a fall of fish at Bingham, Socorro County, in 1952, near Round Mountain, Otero County, on April 25,1964, a motorist saw a great Meteor or bright object coming down during a flap, and on April 30,1964, five days later, the Pilot of a B-52 aeroplane was paced by a white egg-shaped craft that had the same insignia on the side as the famous craft that had landed at Socorro on 24th April , at 106 West 34 North as well as been seen in other places over the next few days such as the north range of the Stallion Missile Site near San Antonio on 30th April .


Tularosa=106.01W,33.04N.6L=106W33N. lhov=  ufoh=1886  ufol=767


Big Fork, Flathead County, Montana. 12th February 1967.  Monday. 10.00 pm. Mrs James Thompson and her two small children were in a moving truck when the engine suddenly died and the headlights went out. There was a bright greenish blue light hovering overhead. The light veered to the right and changed its’ colour to reddish orange and the truck then started again on its own. The mother had felt heat coming from the light. Normal occurrences? They seem to fit recognised patterns of behaviour. If there is a behavioural periodicity so to say to our Phenomena independent of place or time then this thematic structure would lend credence to Phenomenal sightings as independent witnesses would generally have no comprehension of many of the smaller details that are repeated over and over again. Things such as heat coming from swooping lights.


Big Fork=114.05W,48.05N,1=114W48N=2. lhov=  ufoh=1887  ufol=768 ufoattak=680


On 12th February 1967 Mrs. Pile in Wollstonecraft in Sydney in New South Wales in Australia was watching the news on television with her husband at 7.20 pm when she saw a bright object travelling very slowly at eye level that then hovered over a nearby house 150 yards away. Mrs. Pile observed it with a pair of binoculars and saw that it was a perfect sphere surrounded by a belt of smaller spheres just below its middle. It was three times the size of the moon and pulsating glowed a bright red and then drifted out of sight. Other people in the area also saw it.


Wollstonecraft= 151.12e, 33.48s 39=151e33s  ufoh=


Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. 17th February 1967. 6.55 pm. Several witnesses including a salesman for Flying Tiger Airlines saw the cars ahead slow and stop to observe a silent object of unknown shape hovering low over the road. The witnesses amazingly passed directly underneath it and saw a rectangular pattern of floodlights on its undersides. This was on Routes 93/495. The cars did not stop though thus ruling out automatically associated auto malfunction caused by electromagnetic fields as a standard byproduct of Phenomena. The Phenomena of vehicle stalling might then have to be regarded as intentional due to its erratic nature. What was weird was that the cars continued driving under the hovering craft instead of locking on their brakes, U-turning and heading away from the craft as fast as they could go!


Andover=71.08W,42.39N.58=71W42N. lhov=  ufoh= 1888 ufol=769


Dorchester, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. 17th February 1967. 1.05 am.. Several witnesses saw what looked like a cymbal with a dome on top over the City Rest Home. The cymbal made a whirring beeping sound and there were four to five purplish lights around its perimeter whilst it hovered at treetop level. There were several individual witnesses. Did this one stop any cars?


Dorchester=71.04W,42.17N.59=71W42N. lhov=  ufoh=1889  ufol=770







Straits of Madagascar=40.00E,20.00S. 1L=40E20S. ufoh=771  lhov=  slight=


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