The Beginning of an Hypothesis.



This is an exploration of the underlying Cosmic unity behind the generation of knowledge’s misfits, the Phenomena with no place to call home, or so we have always believed.


We have always regarded the Universe as a very loosely defined place operating in cycles of movements too large to comprehend. This postulate could well be wrong.


The Universe could possibly be part of a Multiverse whose actions and reactions are so finely tuned, regulated and precision controlled as the finest of Swiss timepieces. Instead of movements of millions of miles in distance relative to each other we actually have such a finely balanced Multiverse that we can pinpoint times and places of future phenomena to only a few miles, possibly even less, in periods of months and possible down to days. Possibly after getting rid of a lot of static and noise we might in fact be able to get these times and places down to only a few feet for a period of a few seconds.


This is the basis of the twin theories of “Particularity” and “Incidentallity”, which state that phenomenal events only occur at specific incidental times, hence “Incidentallity”, with an unmatched precision for particular places over time which is “Particularity”. The basis of these two theoretical approaches is that there is nothing random in time and space that then cannot be predictable. Sine waves cannot be random. You cannot have one on its own. They are continuous energy oscillations or vibrations as a manifestation of energy.


In every lifetime there are reports of the strange, the bizarre and the unknown. Easily disregarded but curious news items that do not fit into whatever patterns of proof are necessary or available at that time. These items are regarded as extremely rare and so extremely rare that it is believed that there are too few to warrant scientific testing of any data. They are regarded as so rare that they are possibly imagination running overtime or the results of some form of psychosis or trauma. What I have discovered though is that many of these rare phenomena are indeed extremely commonplace in their occurrence in the particular areas that they are reported from. They are not in fact very rare at all and once we start analyzing and observing the data collected are boringly common in many cases.


The great previously unknown mystery is that these Phenomena may well belong to a previously unrecognized master pattern or set of patterns that are all linked together like wheels within wheels within wheels similar to the workings of a very large clock. There may actually be no room for random movement in the scale of this particular clock’s precision thereby indicating that there may well be no room for random movement or occurrences in the Universe or even the theoretical Multiverse as we know it.


The Hypothesis is that there is a pattern of energies that being regular and precise can also be predictable. On this hypothesis we may be able to begin to discuss, map, analyze and then project from previously occurring patterns and therefore follow new ones as they appear.


The observation is that there is a unified web of evershifting, periodically reappearing or manifesting energy waves that may indeed be what the ancients called the “Gateways to the Gods”, the Portals to the Unknown and so on and so on, the name being dependent on the cultural loading of the observers at the time and place.


For the more rational and modern person these patterns may well be described more as Areas or Time and Space conjunctions where we may be entering or leaving whole new dimensions like going through revolving doors where Time and Space become of no consequence at all. Where we stand on the threshold of the unknown ready to walk in to a whole new set of laws concerning reality as we know it. We can indeed leave the Universe and enter the Multiverse.


This is where the concept of matter, even its’ solidity and permanence itself may have to be re-appraised and restructured.


What is matter anyway? A lot of what we believe matter to be is based on how we are taught to appraise our surroundings. A lot of it is based on what form of chemical regulator is at work in our brains at the time. A lot of it may well be based on our reactions to electromagnetic waves that naturally exist on our planet as well as throughout the Universe as well as the Multiverse. Take the sensory reality of a schizophrenic or a hallucinating Alcoholic or Drug addict. Their reality is a lot different to ours yet every one of their senses is interacting with its environment even if much of it is regarded as illusory. Matter in many cases is what we describe it as and how we remember it, not what it might appear to be to others. Matter is energy at various rates of apparent movement. Trillions upon trillions of atomic particles following straight or curved lines through an eternal void. Space is the distance between atomic particles and Space may be continuous but it is still very precise.


This is where our concept of the initial creation of matter in time may be as erroneous as believing that the Moon is made of green cheese.


The mysterious incidences of happenings or phenomena that have been the stuff of folklore and legends for generations may in fact only be mathematical clues to higher understandings of the laws of physics and how we may be able to get them to apply to us instead of ourselves constantly adapting ourselves to them or as is often the case ignoring them completely or relegating them to a theoretical Hell where they can non-exist to their heart’s content.


I present a Catalogue of the Damned as Charles Hoy Fort would have called it. Thousands of seemingly unrelated and bizarre items but under the chaos lies a Universal Order, in fact a Multiversal Order, just waiting to be understood. These items in fact are quite commonplace and become parts of recognizable patterns of activity in Time as well as Space. Parts of very large and very repetitive patterns indeed.


We have to start looking from a different viewpoint and indeed various different viewpoints simultaneously. There has to be a moving of the mirrors and a lot less smoke.


The common language to understanding the incidences and peculiarities of all of these Phenomena over our 178 year test cycle is mathematics. If data cannot be defined in mathematics then it cannot be defined at all. Mathematics has the ability to remove dross from data and to leave pure logic. We are then left with the bare bones of the Phenomena. The time and place and the reporting of an observation are the common factors in all of our phenomenal sightings. In fact the phenomena themselves tend to become unimportant as they are like different signposts to different variations of the one phenomenon. All of our many and varied phenomena might well be one significant phenomenon in eternal Multiversal action and reaction. It may well be that the observer is the key to the physical appearance of the different phenomena. Through an act of perception the incidences of the Phenomenon becomes in total the Phenomena that are reported.


The postulate is that what actually occurs is quite unimportant and that where and when the phenomenal observations occur is totally important. In other words we are not that involved in what has allegedly happened but in where and when on an apparently endless repetitious cycle in both Space and Time these events have been seen and sensed to occur.


Amazingly enough the occurrence sites of these continuous phenomena appear to repeat themselves relative to Time and Space as we know it. This being that at particular times and at particular places we repeat the manifestation of varying, even conflicting, types of phenomena and not necessarily the same type of phenomenon, at the site for a limited time. We have as our constants the times and the places of the phenomena and more often than chance itself these times and places repeat, but not constantly. There is a shift to the pattern.


The entire pattern of occurrences continues moving relative to the surface of the Earth, possibly even Space and Time itself. There is always movement. Nothing is fixed. We shall observe that it is very precise movement indeed and that there is indeed no fixed system as the patterns in Time and Space constantly move relative to their previous as well as their oncoming positions.


Once we know Time and Place, Incidentallity and Particularity, we shall conquer Time and Space. We will be able to bypass both Time and Space by traveling around them either through other dimensions or realities or by altering our own dimension or reality. Possibly even both as who knows how stable our present dimension is? Is it far more unstable than we have been led to believe?


We will have found what are euphemistically referred to as “Wormholes” in the scientific community and we shall have found where these holes are naturally occurring and recurring on the surface of the Earth and eventually in Space itself. These “Wormholes” keep moving though along the sine waves. They would only be static if there were no sine waves but mathematical analysis of the data indicates sine waves. Place and times have their periods of occurrence and then lay dormant again until it is their time to re-open.


We could become Time and Space Worms and as these Worms we could become like what the ancients called the Gods.


We will become the travelers in as well as the creators of whole new dimensions of experience and we may get to meet other Time and Space Worms in these Wormholes as well.


Get ready to travel with me on this most amazing journey across this planet that we call our own and apparently know very little of so that we may then travel across the Multiverse. Welcome indeed to the Doorways to the Multiverse. It will be a long and arduous journey but well worth it when we make it to the other sides. Who knows who or what we shall ultimately meet or become? We could even become Chameleons as you shall discover later.

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