Wheels within Wheels within


An analysis of patterns of Cyclic




“The ancient Maya calendar calculated the date for the end of the World as 4 Ahau 3 Knakin and it will be ruled by the Sun God who is the ninth Lord of the Night. The Moon will be eight days old and it will be the third lunation in a series of six.” This date corresponds to December 23, 2012 AD!


Whether this prophecy, like many others throughout the ages is correct or not is actually unimportant. The main thing to remember is that all of the ancient cultures on our planet were obsessed with cycles of time between the ages of man. All of the ancients remember Cataclysmic changes on our planet at seemingly regular or at least predictable intervals.


What are the proofs for these Cataclysms occurring in the past and are there many?


Many ancient cultures remember a time of the Gods that preceded Cataclysms of Universal, at least to them, proportions.


Here are the collected proofs for such World Cataclysms, the scope and size of which from geological and archaeological evidence were the greatest memorable catastrophes to ever befall our Planet.


Ekpyrosis- Kataklysmos.


Censorinus, 238 AD, wrote that there is a period called the Supreme Year by Aristotle at which the Sun, Moon and all the planets return to their original positions. This supreme year has a great winter called Kataklysmos, which means Deluge, and a great summer called Ekpyrosis, combustion of the world. According to the theory of the Supreme Year the world was inundated or burnt alternately. 


This great year of Censorinus was at the end of six Babylonian Sars, a period of 21,600  years, when our planet undergoes a complete revolution. Polar and equatorial regions gradually change place, the tropical vegetation and swarming animal life moving towards the forbidding wastes of the icy poles. Catastrophes attend the change with great earthquakes and cosmical throes.


The ancient Greeks said that at the end of every 12,000 years the beds of the oceans are displaced and a semi-universal Deluge takes place. This period was called a great year or Heliacal year, the winter of which was called the Kataklysmos, Cataclysm or Great Deluge and the summer the Ekpyrosis, the burning. The Heliacal Year was one year of the Sun, named after Helios, the ancient Greek God of the Sun.


Ekpyrosis, Combustion of the World, always occurs before Kataklysmos, the Deluge!


This is merely what two scholars in the past stated about their view of the Earth’s past.


The list itself from ancient sources seems to be limitless.


Let us visit numerous little known places and mysterious areas on and under the Earth and even under the Sea.


Let us go on an incredible and often unbelievable exploration of this geologically and archaeologically bizarre Planet, our Earth, as we leave the mainstream of our own accepted history and delve into remnants and artifacts, cities and constructions, remains and ruins and geological anomalies that continually defy accepted history and modern explanation.


Let us fill in the gaps in our previously unimaginable history.


Let us travel around a Planet that we ourselves barely know and whose secrets are unfathomable.


Let us see lost civilizations that were formerly myths and realize that myths in their own way are merely early histories.


Let us find clues from the past that will help us decode our future.


Let us reveal the existence of the proofs for the greatest Cataclysms that had ever befallen mankind on this Planet and look at their consequences both for yesterday, today and indeed tomorrow.


Let us look at the pieces of a Universal jigsaw puzzle. Even if we ourselves cannot unravel them completely at least we shall see the common themes running through them.


Let us not make the mistake of believing in our own invincibility too much for even as they say in the classics, “Gods have erred and Men have fallen”.


Let us look at the past to solve the greatest riddles and challenges of our near future.


Maybe by looking at our past we may indeed see our place in the future.


We may once again know our true place in the Universe and we might be able to prepare for 4 Ahau 3 Knakin and others of its ilk.


For the Cosmic cycle does indeed go on!


There will be others!


Cataclysmos and Ekpyrosis will reoccur and it is no use looking away.


Our invisible and visible enemies are still approaching!


As we look at the past we look at the future.


In the beginning of time and the Multiverse, and the Universe, there was only the non-noise of a single band of pure but still energy that was the Universe and the Multiverse. The first subatomic particle to move in it signaled the beginning of time as it was the first movement and Time is the measurement of movement and therefore of all things. Thus began the resonance that was created by one moving subatomic particle at a time. Each subatomic particle colliding with the next one like a Universal collection of dominoes. Noise itself would only come when there was friction and collision. This was the first microscopic harmonic inside the first macroharmonic. One could call this energy God, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. One might not as well as no one would have ever seen this wave of energy in its beginning for the beginning of the Universe or Multiverse rapidly became one big resonating energy wave of incredible magnitude that moment by moment increased in duration and complexity as parts of it started to atrophy and wind down whilst other parts span off into nothingness. Nothing is perpetual though! As the wave broke down it created differing and more complex resonances as well as other waves of energy as the trajectories of the subatomic impacts changed relative to each other. One could say that more and more chords were added to this music of the spheres that became this Universal harmonic that is the basis of all energy and eventually of all mass. The lessening of mass developed as the frequency of the newer harmonics slowed down as they collided and then fragmented again and again and again. As we know Mass is merely slower moving energy.  The slower the energy the more dense the mass. The end of the Universe or Multiverse will be total mass an infinite degree where it starts exploding again into itself. It is like a Universe or Multiverse breathing in and out, over and over again. The Universe will become its’ own black hole.


In the beginning no one could see the energy as there was no one to see it. We only came along as the energy of the Universe had broken up considerably and with incredible and multiplying complexity. Simple pieces of matter became chemical reactions and these chemical reactions eventually, in many cases, became life. In the background the original harmonic always remained but now in chorus with a host of Angels or Gods or other vibrations. The song of the Angels could well be the harmonics of the Universe-Multiverse.


One could only call what one saw according to the confines of the knowledge base of the day.


In the beginning the Planets visible to Man on Earth were not named after the Gods. The Gods were named after the planets that were visible to Man on Earth. The Gods and the planets were one and the same thing to earthbound man. The tales of the Gods and their exploits in Heaven were allegorical. They were supposed to help explain astronomical and superphysical events viewed from Earth in everyman’s terms.  Astronomical events were metamorphosed into simple tales that could be easily remembered. Instead the Allegory became the accepted fact and the astronomical origins were forgotten or overlooked. This text is the unraveling of these allegorical tales back to their true origins. The stories of the Gods of history, no matter where the country or culture, were depictions of planetary and energy movements that to the average observer or listener were regarded as the works of the Gods. The Gods being those beings or events that are more powerful than Man. These movements could only be interpreted by men who had the time to observe the movements of the Heavens and their relationship to movements on the face of the Earth. These men over time protected the power that came with being guardians of the astrophysical history of the Earth and the Solar System around it by masking the allegorical tales and promulgated histories of the Gods that were more superstition and the projection and mystification of religo-political power bases caused the old stories to become unrecognizable. Instead of history the old stories became powerful tools to subvert the masses.


Since the beginning we have been subject to massive lies that have corrupted the history of this planet with supernatural and perverse folktales that bear no resemblance to the actual events that happened.


Since the beginning we have continually re-met life and death and wanted to make something more of it.


There is something more but it might not be what we want it to be though it actually is the greatest revelation that the race of Man will ever meet.


We do have a place in the Multiverse, in fact several, and it is time that we reassumed our rightful positions in them.

The Geological Proofs for Past




When I started my research on this subject in the mid 1970s I  thought that I would definitively prove that something terrible had happened to the Earth in the period eight thousand BC to eleven thousand BC!  In fact I have and I have found a multitude of  theories as to what caused it. Also a host of legends and myths in connection with it. The Cataclysm did happen. But not just once! There have been a few cataclysms where our planet has reacted like a billiard ball in a corner pocket. It has not been sunk yet but that does not mean that we can be complacent. Our beloved planet has nearly been sunk into that corner pocket a few times and it is about to happen again. The cycles of our planets’ history are more varied than we think.


There are a host of proofs and theories as well as quite a few mysteries.


Have we humans been wiped out by cosmic Cataclysms before?


Moreover, how many times?


Let us not get too self-assured in our sense of permanence for tomorrow may well be today as it has been for millions of years before us.


Did anything actually happen in these periods?


Was there anything worthwhile here to destroy?


Was there anyone here to witness these events?


Was there anyone here to actually remember these events and commence the passing down of these moments of history?


Interspersed throughout this book are anomalous artifacts and bizarre geology as well as lots of questions and hopefully a few answers that we may be desperate to need now.


Are there any valid scientific theories and proofs concerning the period of eleven thousand to eight thousand BC and Cataclysmic events occurring in them?


Are there the same proofs for other cataclysms both in the historic and the prehistoric periods?




Even up to the period of three thousand to two thousand BC?




Possibly even   1,200   BC?




What about the Middle Ages?




What then of periods well before the accepted birth of Man?




There is no single date as there is no single Cataclysm.


It all repeats, over and over and over again until we learn that this is what  actually happens over and over and over again so that at long last we, the race of Man on the planet Earth, may at last be prepared for it so that we may escape the next Cataclysm relatively unscathed instead of possibly becoming extinct!


We also have to allow for the viewpoints of numerous scientists from a host of different disciplines, each with their own theoretical structure and bias as well as complications with dating events. Different dating methods produce different results! The same cataclysmic event can be dated to several thousand years apart so we have to allow for these discrepancies. It is not that some events occurred in 11,000 BC or 9,000 BC or  8,000 BC which in geological terms are like a couple of seconds to a day but that there was a mass sequence of anomalous events over such a short three or four thousand year period! I will keep the established dating for classification purposes but there is nothing exact about the Earth sciences as it is all based on conjecture based on established theory.


Here are a few theories and discoveries. Funny what happens though when you get a few of them together?


Let us look at a lot of different theories from a lot of different sources.


This list may appear to be a mishmash of Geological and Astronomical data but this is what we confront when we delve into amalgamating data from numerous independent and varied sources.


Here are the Geological and Astronomical Data from numerous and diverse sources from the Nineteenth Century onwards.

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